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    That can be pretty stressful.
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    It can be sometimes and high blood pressure runs in my family.

    I can't help living in a Republican state and my boss is a Trump fan. I think he going to attend his rally and was trying to recruit some people to join him. I get along with my boss, but I told him I'm attending a real event on Friday and that is a playoff soccer game.

    One of my co-workers wanted to get on my ass for not attending and saying soccer is not a real sport. That ok, he a Raiders fan and I simply told him, "They are like the Cowboys, both teams suck and America can't stand either one of them, including Trump" as I walked away.
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  3. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    It runs in every Jewish person's family. :eek:
    I spent 30 years on the Mass border in southern NH. It's the most right-wing part of an already conservative state. During the 2016 election, we were renting in (liberal) Massachusetts, but I had to play a concert in New Hampshire, that was about 20 miles up a local road. I dubbed it "Trump Highway", because of the number of yard signs I passed.

    Whenever I hear stories of really inappropriate work behavior, I wonder how they get away with it. If that shit happened here, someone would be reprimanded or fired. But that's a big company thing. My wife spent many years working in small businesses, where coworkers and managers alike would do really inappropriate things, and no one really cared. I guess you have to pick your battles.
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    Pick and choose your battles for sure, but work is work.
    Walking away from political and religious debates is best.
    You're there to do a job.

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