Espn Hemorrhaging Subscribers

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Sports' started by Jon, Nov 29, 2016.

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    ESPN Loses Another 555,000 Subscribers Per Nielsen | Outkick The Coverage

    Last month ESPN lost 621,000 subscribers according to Nielsen media estimates, which was the worst month in the company's history. This month things weren't much better -- ESPN lost another 555,000 subscribers according to Nielsen media estimates, meaning that the worst month in the history of ESPN has now been followed up by the second worst month in ESPN history. ESPN has now lost a jawdropping 1.176 million subscribers in the past two months.

    Precisely why I call bullshit on sports being the saving grace of cable. All the people who don't want to pay for sports are voting with their wallets, and ESPN is the biggest loser. Seems more people don't want sports than those who do, even those that do hate ESPN enough to not pay for it (Sling TV even offers a package without it).
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    Didn't Stephen A Smith just leave Mad Dog Radio to return to ESPN Radio? I doubt they will can him. Mike left to go to TV. I think they will can most of the shows that have a co host and just go to a single host.
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    I wonder what will happen with the support channels like ESPN News, ESPU, ESPN3 even ESPN2
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    They've already cut most of the shows on the ESPN Longhorn network. I can't imagine it's too far behind on those channels either. They could always go back to the days when they showed Australian rules football and strongman competitions. I actually kind of liked that.

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    Do they still have ESPN Classic
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    Yeah, but it's pretty much the All '30 for 30' channel now.

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