For Koop: Ch 29: Phish Radio


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Feb 2, 2019
Glendale CA
Phish phormed.....I mean formed in 1983 at the University of Vermont. On June 14, 2019, Phish Radio launched on SiriusXM Channel 29, replacing Jam_On, which is now available only on the SiriusXM app and online at (Almost 17,000 people so far have signed a petition asking SiriusXM to return Jam_On to Channel 29. Yeah, good luck with that. Sign the Petition ) Here is a dinky lil' sample of the playlist. All the Phish songs on this list are live recordings. The channel also plays a lot of songs by Nigerian bandleader King Sunny Adé, who has been a big influence on the band's music.

SiriusXM Channel 29 - Phish Radio

Brother Rapp - James Brown (32/1970)
David Bowie - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Death Don't Hurt Very Long - Phish (Las Vegas NV, 2018)
Free - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Harry Hood - Phish (Columbia MD, 2019)
Ja Funmi - King Sunny Adé (LP/1982)
Lawn Boy - Phish (Toronto, 2019)
Llama - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Maajo - King Sunny Adé (LP/1983)
Maze - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Meatstick - Phish (Chula Vista CA, 1999)
Mike's Song - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Mo Ti Mo - King Sunny Adé (LP/1983)
Nothing From Nothing - Billy Preston (1/1974)
Penkele - King Sunny Adé (LP/1983)
Simple - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Stash - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Strange Design - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Synchro Feelings - King Sunny Adé (LP/1983)
Turn On Your Love Light - Bobby Bland (28/1961)
Vultures - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Wading In The Velvet Sea - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Water In The Sky - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Weekapaug Groove - Phish (Amsterdam NL, 1997)
Wilson - Phish (New York, 1994)
You Enjoy Myself - Phish (Townshend VT, 1989)