Great Deal On Tivo Ota With Lifetime Included

Discussion in 'Cable & Video' started by Ehilbert1, May 1, 2015.

  1. Ehilbert1

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    This is the 4 tuner OTA model. It's perfect for cord cutters and now it's just $299 with lifetime included. I have one but mine has cable card too. I love it and it works great. It's got Netflix, Spotify,Youtube, Hulu and Vudu built in. Plus Amazon Prime.

    Best HD Antenna DVR from TiVo | Roamio OTA DVR
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  2. kryptonite

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    Maybe I'm making this up, but it seems like the trend is for more and more channels to require two-way boxes, of which I don't believe a cable card is?? :confused:
  3. TX WJ

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    I have one of these and love it with Apple TV and this we cut the cord for 18 months.
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