Has the XMp3 been discontinued?

Discussion in 'XM Radios' started by From A Buick 8, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. i read on a different forum that the the XMp3 has been discontinued. Has anyone else heard this.
  2. hyson

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    If the XMp3i is to take it's place, it would not make sense to have two of essentially the same things.
  3. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I think XM is backing out of its deal with Pioneer. The XMP3i is the Audiovox equivalent. So technically the XMP3 has been discontinued.
  4. Well that is good. I really like my Xmp3 and have several docks in use. I need the ability to record and playback (no signal at work). I worry that the life span of the XMp3 I have (bought off of EBay) may be short. I have already started my replacement fund.
  5. shabadoo25

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    Even if that were true, there are plenty of places to buy replacements even in the absence of the xmp3i.
  6. Good point.
    Also good to know i can replace with a new one when the time comes and maybe get an extended warranty though.

    I am having good luck with mine so far, but there are many who do not. So far it is the perfect radio for me, i can use it in the van, at home, take it on walks and then listen to recorded programs all day at work.

    I like the look of it and how it operates. :wave:
  7. shabadoo25

    shabadoo25 Member

    The XMP3 would be the perfect device if it had the more "Tivo-like" recording functionality of the SL2.

    Maybe we'll luck out and the software will be improved on the XMP3i.
  8. What "Tivo-Like" features are you speaking of.

    I do not have a Tivo, so I can not make a direct comparison, but so far it operates like what I expect a Tivo to act like. My only complaint about the recording part (other then losing my schedule from time to time :rolleyes:) is not being able to split out single songs from a recorded block of material.
  9. no1hedberg

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    It's hard to explain what he means. It's the way recordings are organized. The options for setting up recordings are weak, and the recordings aren't organized well. Its as if recorded shows on your DVR listed every commercial, news break. and show segment were listed as a separate recording in your list of recorded programs, and each has a different name, so you don't know what recording session they are a part of. No DVR, or the Stiletto is organized that way. Recorded shows are saved in solid blocks, by channel name, date, and time. Makes finding what you want to listen to much less frustrating. I suppose if your used to it, it's probably fine, but I find it very counter intuitive if your used to a Stiletto or a DVR. Like I've said many times... XMP3 best if you are mostly into music, and the stiletto is best for regularly recording shows. Seems like the xmp3 could be fixed with a software overhaul of the recording system. And for god sakes, please make an option for recording a show Monday-Friday.
  10. When I look at the recordings on mine I have the ability to view by channel name or date and time (in chunks).

    I agree the PC software could be much better, but on the unit it's self I thought it was pretty easy to do.

    I agree that the choice of M-F on the weekly screen would be nice.

    Good point though (about what you are used too) not having an SL2 I do not know what I am missing.
  11. shabadoo25

    shabadoo25 Member

    On the SL2, you can FF a program by holding down a button and hear it as it is zipping by. It helps you to skip past fluff and/or ads.

    Also, the programming mechanism for recurring shows is much more intuitive and logical. Plus, the SL2 doesn't dump your schedule like the XMP3 does whenever it hits a bump in the road.
  12. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    It doesn't dump your schedule but does dump your recordings.
  13. shabadoo25

    shabadoo25 Member

    I believe that this is an intentional built-in glitch to all of the post-RIAA recording units.

    "Oops, all of your proprietary copyrighted material went away! Too bad, so sad."
  14. It is very true that the XMP3 will lose your recording schedules and it is a good idea to back that up on a computer somewhere.

    It does allow you to skip past "fluff and or ads" i do that all the time to skip past the staion ID and songs i do not like.
  15. Mikey394

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    With the SL2, another way to FF thru the ads is to press the FF button, let go and it will skip that ad, than repeat. if there are four ads between songs/talk you hit the FF button four times and you will stop at the start of the next segment. This way you do not FF past the spot you want to go.
  16. shabadoo25

    shabadoo25 Member

    Yeah, once inside a recording you can go back one step and see all of the tags and go past any of the ads. However, if you try to do this during the recording by holding down the FF, you hear nothing.

    That's the big advantage the SL2 has, you can listen to what you are zipping by to get an idea of when to stop.
  17. MountainMan

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    I realize I'm in an 8 year time warp on this, but the XMP3i I just picked up doesn't seem to record any shows. I put in a memory card and still no dice. Was this feature secretly disabled in a firmware update or something?
  18. HecticArt

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    I might be remembering this wrong, and I hope someone corrects me if I am, but I think when they updated their signal format a couple of years ago, some devices lost the ability to record.

    There was a thread a long time ago, but I'm not sure what you could type in the search box to get results.

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