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    The MS 150 is Saturday. I'm excited like I used to get before Christmas when I was little. All my stuff is on trucks at the brewery.

    Last year one of my teammates won the Saturday night jersey contest for our team by dancing drunkenly in his jersey, matching socks and matching Speedo. He fell on his ass and stunned everyone in attendance. In the photos, everyone on stage is wide eyed and open mouthed, trying to comprehend the majesty of what they are seeing.

    This year the MS 150 organizers added a rule to the jersey contest: "All models on stage must stay fully dressed." We are so proud. Because of us they had to make a rule.

    The weather looks good. Small crosswind day one, maybe a smaller tailwind day two. Looks like it will get up to 80 on Saturday and 82 on Sunday. Very low chance of rain, some cloud cover.
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  2. JHDK

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    "fully dressed" can have a bit of leeway. To me it means shirt, some sort of pant/short and shoes.

    So fishnet tank, hot pants and flip flops could pass as fully dressed.
  3. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Technically a speedo is dressed.
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  4. memebag

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    MS 150 is over. Thank you for donating. I raised way more than I thought I would. If you want to see pics and details go to my Facebook fundraiser:

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    A week from tomorrow.
  8. semipenguin

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    Ok. I'll donate soon
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    Dude?...It doesn't let me make my stupid joke using your Miata as my username? I assume you have to be honest in the billing info section.

    Have a good ride. I'd donate more but I've put myself on a very strict budget with my new job. Gotta save money for all my video games and wildly overpriced watches.
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    Thanks Koop!
  12. memebag

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    I think Madison donated. Thanks!

    My sinus infection seems to have resolved itself without any medical intervention. I rode Saturday with a slight fever. I rode again on Sunday. The fever was gone and I felt much better.

    A cold front is moving into the area right now. Last weekend highs were in the low 90s. Next weekend they should be in the mid 70s. That's perfect cycling weather.
  13. MadisonRadio1

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    Yes, Have a great ride. Its nice to do things for your community
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  14. scotchandcigar

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    I had to outdo Koop.
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  16. memebag

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    I raised enough to be a "Gold Rider" and get a hat.

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  17. HecticArt

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    You should have raised more so that they would have given you one with horns on it.
  18. memebag

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    There's still time to donate.
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  19. memebag

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    Thank you all for the help. Day one was fun except for the crash. I stayed with the C group and took it easy. There was one stretch with a big head wind and I pulled all the way through that.

    Once we got to Galveston Island there were a lot of cones randomly placed on our path. I ended up hitting one and crashed. While I was crashing I thought I was going to break something, but when it was all over I just had some road rash and torn bar tape. Oh, and a very butch rip in my bib shorts.

    Saturday night I started getting some lower GI issues. Sunday morning my sinuses were inflamed and my side was sore from the fall and there were 20 to 30 mph headwinds all the way home, so I didn't ride. I've been feeling sick since then.
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  20. JHDK

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    Well that turned into an interesting weekend ride. Glad you got to do most of it before potentially pooping yourself.

    I assume "bar tape" is what cyclists call their dicks?
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