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    That's a peek at my road rash through the butch rip in my bib shorts. The whole thing is the size of a dinner plate. I would post it here but there's a lot of Meme ass involved.
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    How can your sinuses become inflamed from a bike crash?

    Ps. Glad you didn't break anything. Saves the awkwardness of me not signing your cast.

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    My sinuses are inflamed from allergies and/or a sinus infection. Mrs. Bag talked me into seeing an allergist. Some day soon.
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    Help again!

    I'm riding to Austin on April 27th and 28th. This year I'm woefully unprepared due to the allergies mentioned last year. Turns out I'm allergic to at least 70 things.

    You can donate here:


    You can follow my updates on Facebook here:
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  7. MadisonRadio1

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    Have a good ride. I'm going to take out my bike this weekend for the first time instead of always going to Planet Fitness. I have Good Friday off.
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    Thank you so much, and have a good ride!
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    The parts in Philly are decently flat. I'm dragging my mom on this ride so we're sticking to the 34 miler which shouldn't be too bad.

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  12. Aaron

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    I have a coworker riding in the same exact race. I gave some money to him and some to you.
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    Thank you! What team is your co-worker on?
  14. Aaron

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    DanosPetrofac team

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