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    IndustrialH "Who turned the volume down?"

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    IndustrialH "Who turned the volume down?"


    If the FCC ever allows broadcasters on the U.S. AM band to use all-digital modulation, some observers worry about the interference consequences. Now there’s new research on this subject to add to the discussion.

    HD Radio owner DTS Inc. reports there are close to 30 million HD Radio receivers in the hands of consumers and that the number continues to grow steadily. Plus, about 50 percent of new cars being sold include HD Radio receivers. HD Radio continues to be “discovered by accident” every day by millions of new car buyers.

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    IndustrialH "Who turned the volume down?"

    (another from Inside Radio)

    General Motors may have yanked HD Radio out of some car models such as the Chevy Traverse, but it’s poised for a return. That’s according to Jon Kirchner, chief executive for HD audio tech company DTS. Kirchner blames a “bad antenna design” in some models for curbing digital radio service in some cars. “They ultimately put a halt on it,” Kirchner told the B. Riley & Co. Investor Conference in Los Angeles last week. GM is now working to use different antennas so HD Radio can again be part of the dashboard, although DTS shared no time-line.

    HD Radio is now in 37% of U.S. vehicle dashboards and DTS believes it should be able to achieve a 60% penetration rate. “We are currently working with auto-makers on 2020 and 2021 model vehicles so a lot of what you will see in the next three years was signed up two or three years ago,” Kirchner said.

    Today the primary selling point of HD Radio is improved audio quality and data services, but Kirchner said the next generation of data implementations is what he’s most excited about. “Everything from safety information to broader forms of entertainment, and other forms of media,” he said. “We’re having conversations with the auto guys who are thinking about these things for the 2020 model years and beyond.”

    DTS projects its automotive segment will eventually account for a third of its business—HD radio already brings it $5-$6 in licensing fees per vehicle. So far this year HD Radio has expanded to additional models such as Audi, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Toyota, and Alfa Romeo. And the Acura NSX will start to feature DTS Neural Surround technology and HD Radio. To date, the receivers are in roughly 17 million cars and trucks.

    Kirchner told investors that figures showing the number of digital radios in the marketplace have changed since DTS closed on its $172 million buyout of iBiquity last October, explaining the publicly traded company applies “a little bit more rigour and discipline” to the data. “But no question, as we look ahead, that you’re going to see growth,” he added
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    IndustrialH "Who turned the volume down?"

    Ford Adds Dual Receivers for FM and HD in Several 2017 Models


    From the press release:

    • Customers will appreciate longer, clearer FM radio listening thanks to Ford’s dual radio reception systems on the new 2017 Escape and Fusion – including one of the industry’s first applications of dual reception systems for available HD Radio
    • Dual FM radio reception uses a second receiver and the rear window heater grid as a second antenna to help the radio choose between weak and overlapping signals – especially useful in cities and mountainous areas, where radio signals bounce
    • Other audio improvements for Escape and Fusion include digital audio bus technology, which helps deliver high-fidelity sound, and for Fusion, available acoustic laminated glass, which helps improve cabin acoustics and block outside noise

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    IndustrialH "Who turned the volume down?"

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    IndustrialH "Who turned the volume down?"

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    I'm curious how well that actually works.
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