Howard "Sceeved Out" Because Leno Only Gets $20 Million?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Neigh, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I'm just trying to play by the rules. We could let you take this discussion into a vortex of name-calling and personal attacks (which you seem intent on doing, as just about every-other post by you is inflammatory with either an insinuation or out-right personal attack), but I'm not biting (though it would be very, very easy). The mods have made the rules, and they have warned us to stick to them. If you can't do that, then that's your problem, and I'm not going to let you make it mine.
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    So you think that Stuttering John was a good selection for the announcer for The Tonight Show? You think he was hired because of his great voice or his on-screen talents. It's hard for me to tell based on how little they use him despite the $$ they pay him.

    I think Howard was right on this. Jay thought he could take another bit from Howard's show and make his show better. When Howard called him out on it, Jay had to try and act like he wanted him for other reasons and now he is stuck in a no win - admit to Howard he was right and let John go or remain stuck with a guy you can barely utilize like you had planned.
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    Trying to play by the rules or enforce them? Thanks for saving the forum...:bow:

    Lighten up, Francis...
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    Howard invented the Tonight show.
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    As much as I wholeheartedly hate most of DLM's posts, this one is 75% correct. I don't think that howard is directly jealous of Jay, I think Howard is ususally jealous of everyone and anyone that is not him, and doing better at something he does.

    It is sad though that Gary talks (on todays show) that he could not retire. He's been with the 'show' for 25+ years and can't retire.. (yea yea he lives in new york and not on a 'new york' salary or whatever that means), but really now....... Not saying Howard should throw anyone anyone money. Howard made a deal for a certain amount and I don't think that anyone here after 25+ years in a business where you climb from to number one would say no to that cash. But as many have said, Howard has now become a Hampton gated community out of touch person, and has no idea where he came from, and thinks that going to a therapist for 10+ years 3 times a week is 'normal'.....

  7. Ifandorbut

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    You bring up a totally different point than the one I made. I was talking about how Howard was playing two sides of an issue in a way that would leave him no other outcome than one that would be favorable to his theories concerning John and Jay.

    Do I think John was a good selection for Jay's show?....Yes I do. It brought some recognition to the show, not a lot of recognition, but some nonetheless. I guess Jay overpaying for John's services and limited talents more than makes up for how little John was paid by his radio bosses when he was used to help make Howard's show "must listen to" radio. The red carpet sniper job that was crafted by Jackie, Fred and Howard wasn't a big hit when Gary did it, but it took off into another level when John did it. John's contribution to the early years of Howard's show was enormous...and John was certainly underpaid.

    Howard suggests that he knows how Jay feels about John and that he regrets his decision to hire him. How does he know that?
    Who knows, maybe Jay hired John just to piss off Howard and to make Howard look cheap in the process. In that case maybe Howard is right, who knows? But I don't think for one second that Jay regrets hiring John because every time Howard reheats his rant against Jay, the dividends on Jay's purchase keep coming in.

    John's been with Jay for five years...that means this Christmas John is getting a $5,000 dollar bonus on top of his salary. John could buy Howard's staff some Christmas cheer this year.
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  8. robhurlburt

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    i think gary lives in greenich, CT.

    Anyways, the fact that he is the producer of the most successful radio show ever, and can't retire, is borderline pathetic.
  9. IronJabroni

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    it may be pathetic but whose fault is it? howard stern's? booey must be doing ok enough to build a large new house in greenwich. he can always sell off his free man-cave goodies and scale back the lifestyle if he (or anyone else for that matter) is looking to retire earlier
  10. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    As Gary said on the WUS when a caller called in and started spouting how pathetic it was for Gary and Fred to not be able to retire - (paraphrasing) "I made my deals and I'm very happy. I'm not Jackie, who thought any money Howard got was money taken from him."

    If the guy is happy, then who are we to feel sorry for him (especially when he's living in a big house in Greewich CT, where the cost of living is higher than Beverly Hills)?

    Yeah, poor Gary.
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  11. IronJabroni

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    if muthaf'ers would chill on some of the conspicuous consumption they MIGHT be able to retire before age 90...booey can always ditch his fancy digs and take the train in from poughkeepsie
  12. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    But imagine the advantage Booey's simian like Italian sons have over those WASP'y little upscale tykes in Greenwich when it comes to Pee Wee football? If they allow contact at all (a big if), his two apostrophe sporting ape-kids must be crushing the rest of the league. They are probably moving up two age classes and still sending kids to the hospital.
  13. Forevernever

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    Booey's move to CT has probably been a good deal for him. I think he's been there for a while (didn't he move during the KROCK days?), and property values have only gone up in that area (despite the real estate collapse). I bet he didn't pay more than $1 million, and its probably worth double or more.

    When the show ends, he'll have no trouble getting a job, though I think he's crazy when he starts throwing out some of the names he thinks he could work for. He seems to believe he could just walk into a TV gig, even though they are two very different beasts and he's a little old to learn on the job. He could work in radio again, or local TV, or TV at some position below producer.

    I have no idea what Fred will do, though. He is so talented, but in very eccentric ways, and I don't know if they'd translate in a different environment.

    Sal and Richard will hopefully stay together. If they don't, I could easily see Richard getting into something to do with horror movie production.

    Artie will keep doing comedy, but people will stop caring.
  14. Jgatie

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    Gary built that house after the move to Sirius (moved in Jan. 2007):

    Sound & Vision Magazine - Installations: The Real King of All Media

    And I guarantee that house was more than the median in Greenwich, which would make it $2.7 million plus (as of 2007).
  15. Forevernever

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    I stand corrected. What is he doing building homes if he can't afford to retire? "Heeee's mah gramophone. I think it goes well wiff mah animation cels".

    Brahmin Booey. I wonder how many times he's gotten confused for the gardner out there.
  16. IronJabroni

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    I think you are right-on here...I hope Robin and Fred have saved their $...and Artie will be interesting to watch. It'd be funny if they all signed-up for Leno's 10pm show!
  17. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Please do not confuse ideology with reality. This thread is about Howard not paying his people enough. Ignore Booey's multi-million dollar mansion in a place where 99.9999% of Americans could not afford to live, and continue to feel pity for him due to his boss who starves his hard working staff in order to boost his ego and stave off the inevitable 1/2 he's gonna end up giving to his trophy wife. You'll be mighty popular with the "I hate him, therefore nothing he does is positive crowd."

    IMHO, if he can make a millionaire out of a monkey-man, he's already got a spot in heaven.
  18. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    I say to Jason Kaplan and the like...waahh
  19. Forevernever

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    Robin's got way more money then she deserves, which is good, as she's the least talented of the group and will have the most difficulty finding something to do after the show ends. No kids, no divorces - she's absolutely loaded.

    Poor Fred; I hope he was lying about not having $1 million in the bank. I just don't know how that's possible. He's the second most important person on that show (tied with Booey).
  20. IronJabroni

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    imagine Fred as Leno's ed mcmahon...holy mackel!

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