I have come to the conclusion that Heather Clem is much hotter than Beth O

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by beaniemac, Mar 29, 2009.


Who do you think is hotter?

  1. Beth O

  2. Heather Clem

  3. Neither, I'm gay, and faggot

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  1. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    what do you guys think???
  2. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    After seeing just a few pics of Heather, it's not just hype. She is smoking.
  3. mrpacs

    mrpacs Well-Known Member

    No contest IMO but to each his own.
  4. Vargas

    Vargas Molon Labe!

    Heather Clem by about 3 furlongs.

    (get it...)
  5. Die_LaMattres

    Die_LaMattres Active Member

    Heather's only flaw is that annoying habit of keeping both knees straight when posing....friggin' amateur.:)
  6. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    Beth is way too skinny for me. She's very attractive. Just not my type, I guess you could say I'm in to the same type of women that JD is LOL.... With some meat.
  7. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    Maybe if Beth had a set of those Di'Accos...

  8. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I hope Bubba had a pre-nupt.
  9. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    I wish I was the Clem's poolboy ! You know he has to be hittin that when Blubbs is at work !:bigthumbup:
  10. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    72 page iron-clad pre-nup. He can give the exact severance package value at any time...

  11. k9feces

    k9feces Member

    Did Heather get the nosejob and implants before they met, or did Bubba see her potential and mold her into the woman she is today?
  12. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    I can't say for sure but I couldn't picture Bubba getting it done for her.
  13. Neigh

    Neigh Well-Known Member

    Kind of hard looking. I'll take the Joker. Is she the one who assisted Bubba in wiping his ass??
  14. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    20 votes in, and I'm starting to see a pattern. :D
  15. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    Whenever a sentence starts with "I have come to the conclusion that..." there is usually a weightier topic attached to it. That said, gimme Heather Clem all day!!!!!
  16. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    No thanks. Beth wins cause she makes the money. Heather is just waiting for Bubba to go belly up to collect.
  17. Blitz71

    Blitz71 Member

    Oh hell yeah!!!! Heather Clem.
  18. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    Heather is a few years and out of that one. If you've seen those two at home, you'd agree.

    Beth's personality is sweeter, so even without the major knockers I go with her.
  19. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Well I think I'm in the minority among Stern fans when it comes to Beth-O...I actually think she's good looking. However, if forced to choose, I would have to side with Heather The Love Sponge and her Grand Tetons.
  20. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    bubba always says he has a 60 page pre-nup and knows his payout # at all times if things go in the sh*tter between him and heather.

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