Impulse Buying/Spending Spree


Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008
Well I just did both.

So I bought a bunch of watch junk that I'll talk about in that thread. I then felt bad about buying myself a bunch of stuff w/o getting the girl something so I got that rose. I like how Robin from Stern has them on her desk so I thought it would be a nice random gift.

I also have to go to Walmart to get her a scale tomorrow. I know that's a weird gift but she sees how I'm on my scale everyday and she wants one. I kinda told her at work that I already bought it for her so now I'm committed and have to get it.

Freaking spending spree.

I got my Christmas bonus this week. Yea I know, my work isn't exactly prompt. I put some in savings and saved a good chunk for rent and then went on this spree with the leftovers. I guess I should have saved more but here we are.

Have you all ever been an impulsive ass like me and gone on a spending spree?
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arrogant bastard
Feb 13, 2009
Anyone who's married knows it works like this. If you want an extravagant impulse item, get the Mrs an extravagant impulse item, then the gate is open for you.
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