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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Casual Fan, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Casual Fan

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    Hi kids. I'm only in my car about 30 minutes a day most days--15 to work and 15 back--and I'm thinking of dropping Sirius and putting the money into renewing my gym membership. In lieu of Sirius, I'm thinking of just using iTunes Radio through an aux in cable on my car's head unit...or local FM. :eek:

    Anyone doing this? How does iTunes Radio rate?


  2. Ehilbert1

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    I tried it on my iPad. I'm not a fan. If you want free try Spotify. Google music let's you either upload or match 20,000 of your own Collection free. I pay $8 a month for all access.

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  3. Jon

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    Its okay. It's got definite room for improvement. The fixed stations are getting better and it's got NPR and ESPN Radio if you're into sports. I think bringing in some of the Beats Music people to run it should help out immensely.

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  4. Wolf

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    I enjoy iTunes Radio, there a few stations I check out a few stations every week like:

    Hits of the 80's, 80's Dance Party, Country Hits Radio, 90's Radio, 90's Dance Party, New Millennium, Modern Rock Radio, Extreme Metal and Today's Metal, plus you can customize some stations for certain artists like Nickelback radio! :D

    No more commercials and DJ's talking specially through a song.
  5. Aaron

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    I like it, but I feel like they've got less programmed stations than they did initially.

    Where's the Oldies?
    Where's the Classic Soul?
  6. Wolf

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    I see plenty of Oldies Stations. I don't listen to Classic Soul, so I don't know what type of stations they are.

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  7. Jon

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    With the new Apple Music debuting June 30th it should be much improved. It's a lot like satellite in that it's got human beings picking the music, and it's own 24/7 station broadcasting around the world. $9.99 a month, 3 Month free trial. It'll even have unsigned artists and 'social media' for artists who can release tracks or anything else on the fly.
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