Itunes Really Sucks


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Oct 13, 2008
Portland, Or
I hated Itunes, switched to a mp3 player that plays most every format and is easier to deal with. Now the itunes app on my mac doesn't do much of anything. I sort of miss it now.


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
Re-using this thread.

I was hoping I had posted this issue before and it's solution but apparently I did not. I had it before but forget how I corrected it. When I hook my iPhone to iTunes, it views all it's content as 'Other' and says it is over capacity. I can't seem to get it to recaclulate and properly identify the stuff on the phone. Looking on the phone, it seems to know what is where and its sizes. Googling has offered several suggestions (most dated) and all have failed. My only remaining option is a wipe and restore which I am reluctant to do yet. I would have to use an older backup since I can't do a new backup to the PC (likely due to it's incorrect settings). Anybody ever have this issue and have a solution?