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    Where? Satellite, Internet, webpage?
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    on air (online & i'm assuming on the satellite as well). Rewind to 12pm on the internet and you'll see it during the intro :)
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    Check this out:

    One of the most seasoned and accomplished astronauts in history, Colonel Chris Hadfield captivated the world earlier this year when he released a series of breathtaking photographs and educational videos about life in space. You, however, probably know him from his zero-gravity version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddityâ€. Well, today he stopped the SiriusXM studios and in honor of our brand spankin’ new limited-engagement David Bowie Channel, spoke with us about how the space performance came about and performed “Space Oddity†with his feet on squarely on planet Earth:
    [ame=]Astronaut Chris Hadfield: The Origin of Spacestation "Space Oddity" - YouTube[/ame]
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    Last day on satellite- get it while you still can!
    Ends at Midnight
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    Edit: Oops, I guess this channel ends tonight- bad info yesterday from Keith Roth on Hair Nation :blush:
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    One more listen for me then.
    I like hearing all of the stuff that never makes it to radio.
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    Elvis not the only Birthday Boy Today!

    He's been one of Rock and Roll's most influential musicians for decades...and now he has his own limited run channel on SiriusXM. The David Bowie Channel on Ch 715 LE3.

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    Channel 111 is now Business Radio- just added logo- more info about it in News & Annoncements

    Channel 108 appears to be the New Satellite Limited Engagements Channel(even though it's labeled as JFK Radio): SiriusXM 108 - SiriusXM Radio
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    My predictions for the next 2 Limited Engagements (Ch 108)

    No proof whatsoever on this, but mainly based on the fact that these are directly related to New York City where SXM is based and seems to focus the majority of their special events around.

    A SuperBowl Channel
    There have been 47 Superbowls, but never have any been played in NYC until this year- very historic event for Gotham City! SXM will want to get in on this event in some sort of fashion I'm pretty sure.

    Could include all musical acts preforming during the game and all pregame festivities like this:
    Also this may be included: FOX Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Puts America in a New York/New Jersey State of Mind - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

    Bruno Mars & RH Chili Peppers are performing at the game and there will be many others musical guests on the pregame- they could be featured on this channel.

    Actually, I think a channel like SXM Hits 1 will probably have some sort of Bruno Mars weekend also.


    (Transferring the discussion from the AT 40 thread)

    A Beatles Channel

    SiriusXM is based out of NYC and clearly programs most of its content & contests for NYC. This very, very historic event- The biggest music act in all of music history- makes their 1st ever US appearance in New York.... 50 Years Ago- The Golden Anniversary.

    And think of all the various content this would cover:

    Beatles Entire catalog- music from all their albums & singles, outtakes from the Anthology Boxset, all projects after they broke up like Love (Cirque du Soleil), The Naked Let it Be, etc which would be great by itself!

    Ringo's solo catalog and with all formations of his All Star Band

    George's solo catalog and with his time in The Traveling Willburys

    John's solo catalog and with the ONO Band

    And Paul- he could (and already has on XM) have an entire channel just for his solo work that could play for 24 hours without repeating 1 song!!

    Put all that together and you have the Greatest Channel Ever! I can't see SXM not doing at least something for this huge part of New York History!

    And maybe Paul & Ringo will sing a revised version of Sgt Pepper: "It was 50 years ago TODAY!"
  10. MadisonRadio1

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    How about Russell Wilson Radio :jj:
  11. SIRIUSaboutXM

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    I heard a DJ on the 60's channel say Classic Vinyl will be celebrating this important event in musical history soon.
  12. SIRIUSaboutXM

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    Well, I can't take full credit, because none of this will actually be on any of the Limited Engagement Channels, but we have some Special Events this weekend:

    Classic Vinyl’s Fab Feb: Celebrating BEATLES ALL Month on Ch 26

    Sports Anthems Radio A limited run channel will feature songs often played to fire up the fans at sporting events across the country, including well-known tunes by Guns n' Roses, AC/DC, Gary Glitter and more.

    Bruno Radio on Ch 3

    Motley Crue Radio on Ch 39
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    And this >>>


    64 on 6 … A 1964 Weekend

    February 7 at 3pm ET – February 10 at 3am ET on '60s on 6

    To commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first US visit, '60s on 6 will become “'64 on 6…A 1964 Weekendâ€, from Friday, February 7th at 3pm ET – Monday, February 10th at 3am ET, playing the biggest British hits of 1964. In addition, Cousin Brucie will broadcast live from The Fest For Beatles Fans 2014 in New York City on Saturday, February 8th, from 6pm ET – 9pm ET. The event will feature live performances as well as interviews with special guests and audience members as they reminisce on their favorite memories of 1964. Also on the channel, Peter Noone will host a show featuring British hits of 1964 and The Satellite Survey Show will feature a 1964 special.


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