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    Some new interesting reports are coming out that the Columbus Crew might not be heading to Austin. There some new reports that the Crew owner is looking at Sacremento to relocate the team. If that happens, then Sacremento would be taken off the expansion list and that would be a huge opening for Phoenix. Since Sacremento is the new #1 front-runner to have the next team, then Phoenix, Detroit and San Diego.

    Texts reveal new details about Sacramento's MLS bid and the financiers being courted

    Sacramento Could Gain an MLS Team Before the Next Round of Expansion

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    Here some info going down in the MLS expansion.

    Cleveland Browns Owners Step In To Save The Crew, But The News Isn't All Good In MLS

    Looks like the Cleveland Browns owner will probably buy the Crew from Anthony Precourt. If the Browns owner does buy the Crew. Then MLS will hand Precourt an expansion franchise and move them down to Austin. Which basically screws up the final 2 open spots the cities below are bidding for.

    Detroit MLS expansion group: Ford Field retractable roof is no-go

    Looks like the adding retractable roof idea to Ford Field is a no go.

    Drogba, Carteron bond at core of Rising’s ascension | Soc Takes

    While Phoenix Rising is in the playoffs, they will be hosting some MLS guest at the game.

    Sacramento’s Major League Soccer bid dealt another huge blow

    Republic FC has been searching for a lead investor for nearly a year who could lead its expansion effort after being told by MLS officials that its ownership group needed more financial weight.

    San Diego
    MLS Expansion: San Diego's 'SoccerCity' project trails in polls

    The San Diego voters own know there faith until Election Day if it passes or not.

    St. Louis
    Hochman: How an unexpected lunch reignited St. Louis’ MLS flame

    Out of nowhere St. Louis just found some new bidders, which could possibly be a major container.
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    Well Precourt just stole a spot in the MLS expansion spot.


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