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Discussion in 'SiriusXM 2.0' started by admin, Dec 20, 2011.

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    My guess is the delay in release is due to RIAA negotiations, and that Sirius will not release the device neutered at all. They are probably still working on some kind of agreement. I seriously believe TSSTaylor got this one wrong. I am hoping he is wrong as well. The inability to save songs would make the unit no different than the iPhone app in most consumers opinions.
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    As an example, witness this post here-

    Scott Greczkowski
    12-20-2011, 06:54 AM
    Yeah I saw that. And by itself its not even a satellite radio, only a wiifi receiver. If you want to receive satellite with it you need to purchase a home or car kit which makes it really expensive.

    I guess the Lynx really duplicated what the new iOS app can do. I dont know if I want to spend $300 to duplicate what my phone can already do.

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    I got an email from Crutchfield today saying, "#220SXIBH1 , SiriusXM SXiBH1 Home Kit for Lynx, is currently on backorder with the manufacturer". Maybe the radios are ready, but not the accessories.
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    Like I said, it makes absolutely no business sense to come up with a radio that only has the 2.0 smartphone app features. The love button has to be there. I am glad it's being delayed if it means adding in differentiated functionality.
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    Here's to hoping this gets resolved. To stay competitive in the streaming music landscape, SXM needs to get this device right the first time.
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    Lets hope SiriusXM is convincing the recording companies that customers who want a radio only will puchase an Edge. Subscribers who want all the bells and whistles and will be willing to pony up to 20 bucks a month want a fully functional Lynx. Anything less will curb sales and discourage new customers from investing in Siriusxm hardware.
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    Cool. I'm glad they're still working on them. I'm curious about the logistics. Are they already built and they will just flash the new software on to them? Are they in the states, just waiting?

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    To get it they are going to have to pay more bucks in royalties than they currently are. The idea is that they want to have their own agreement with the labels and not be under their current mandated royalty schedule. Right now they can't do anything because they have no rights too. Unless they are willing to pay for the right to save songs, it isn't going to happen. Just ask these internet radio service how expensive their royalty fees are compared to what Sirius XM currently pays for the ability to cache music for offline listening. If Sirius XM just releases it without the consent and approval of the RIAA via the labels, they will get sued, just as XM did.

    Mel is going to be hard pressed to pay the labels what they want in royalty fees for saving songs, but hopefully they pull it off. I think it will be important for them to have this feature going forward because they are competing with other services that allow you to cache unlimited amounts of music on devices. They other thing is that some labels/artist have certain artist they don't allow their music to be cached/saved.

    Just for the record: Sirius XM operates under a statutory license and pays the required royalties under Section 114 of the Copyright Act. The rate at which Sirius XM pays these royalties is set by the CRB "Copyright Royalty Board." The CRB is comprised of three Copyright Royalty Judges who determine the rates and terms for copyright statutory licenses and make determinations on the distribution of the royalties. The judges are appointed by the Librarian of Congress.

    Sirius XM would like to get away from operating under a statutory license and actually have their own agreement with the labels, which as of right now they do not have and therefore they have no rights to extra features like caching of songs.
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    All great points listed, but I question this one. Stiletto and MP3i save songs already.

    Couple of months ago Billboard had a big article about Sirius negotiating with the labels directly so I agree with you on that. But they do already have the saving songs feature on 2 sat radio brands.

    No way Sirius comes out with a premium radio with only the exact same functionality as the the current 2.0 iPhone app. Without additional differentiated functionality the Lynx simply won't sell. 300 bucks for something I could download to my smartphone for free? Come on now........
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    I think that the SL2 and XMP3i recorded exclusively off sats. Since sat rad quality was not internet quality, the record labels gave their ok. I think the question here is ability to love songs and record off the internet stream.
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    Disagree. Taylor said on these boards, the love button (saving songs) is 100% gone, and he took it off the product description on his site

    SiriusXM Lynx Portable Satellite Radio Receiver | TSS-Radio

    That's where I believe he will end up incorrect. I certainly hope he is wrong.
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    You are correct as I recall Sirius XM did get a sign off by RIAA on recording songs as long as it was the lower quality sat. They also wouldn't allow them to love songs from recorded channels. It had to be directly from the live feed only.

    I agree with you, I think what they are really shooting for is recording from the internet as that would be an important part of any kind of on-demand service feature.
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    He also said it was all changing very quickly, so he was going to stop trying to second guess them till the dust settles. Hopefully it's settling soon.

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    I remember the article outlining the company's desire to negotiate directly with record labels. The added exposure for the labels should be enough for them to give Sirius the okay. Royalty fees are a crutch for labels that didn't do a good enough job of promoting their songs and albums.

    Worst case scenario, channels without new music get loved while Sirius hits 1 et al are restricted from recordings. The RIAA claims it supports and promotes the creative and financial vitality of the major music companies. We all know what their real reason for creating ACAP was. It's starts and ends with an endless flow of money.

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