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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by hyson, May 8, 2019.

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    I read the New York Times interview today. I have the same complaint....the interviewer is not really a Howard Stern fan. He (was it a "he"?) may have done lots of research he had not listened the volume of Howard Stern Shows that we have. So he does not know when Howard is bullshitting (Howard probably does not know when he is bullshitting any more..He can really distort the facts and come to believe his versions.). For example, when questioning him about never bringing Artie back, he should have asked Howard about the accusation (by some friends of Artie and maybe his sister or mother?) that Howard had "enabled" Artie. I don't think he ever got over the accusation (nor did he get over how many times Artie lied to him about using). I don't it was a fair accusation but keeping Artie off the show was the surest way to avoid that accusation in the future. Also not a word about Howard's obsession with jealousy and money as a measure of your manhood.
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    One other thing, I have not read the book but I understand that Conan was his favorite interview. I am sure that I heard it but I have no memory of it. Nothing could match the quality of the Jerry Seinfeld (when Jerry came back) interview... the one were Jerry said "let's never do this again... it will never be as good". What helped make it a great interview was that Jerry really knew Howard.
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    Just some quick thoughts for now. I agree with your comments about what was left out of the interviews. As for Conan, he recently (early this year) played a clip of Conan on Colbert's show, where Conan talked about his test. He raved about that interview.
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    Conan was a surprise for me. I remember him coming in prior to Jackie leaving?? I saw it on E I think. His most recent appearance was 5-7 years ago? I don't remember it at all as well.
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    He was talking about a 2015 Conan interview I think. I watched the "greatest interview" reveal clip a few days ago where they had Conan in remotely to comment after Hopalong made the big reveal.

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    Holy shit! I complained about the NY Times interviewer not being a fan and not really knowing the radio Howard. Today there appears in the despicable NY Post two articles on Howard. One is about an interview of Howard that Howard liked very much. It features the type of photo Howard approves .. one that makes him look 30 younger than he is. Right next to the positive article is a column that Howard characterized as a "hit piece". But this "hit piece" was not written by an was written a real listener, in fact, a fan. . You can tell right away. While the writer credits Howard for being "blisteringly funny while riffing on a range of subjects" and being a "fantastic interviewer" she disputes the "personal growth he crows of" citing his comedy that relies on Wack Packers' disabilities (Wendy in particular) and his ridicule of members of his staff. "And Stern, so sensitive about his own physical shortcomings, has never stopped subjecting his staff to on-air shaming over everything from the size of their teeth to their weight to their diets or their finances or the states of their marriages - while his own second marriage to a model 20 years his junior is always off-limits for Stern." She also criticizes Howard's treatment of Robin for playing those song parodies before Robin's news. Maybe she is right that the parodies contradict Howard's claim to have "evolved" but those damn parodies are truly funny and I think Robin finds them funny. In the old days, Howard would have had his team investigating the history of a critic and ridicule him or her for a week. If I were he, I would let this one go. Check out this out.
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    I'm having a real posting fest with myself. Anyhow, Howard wisely decided not to engage in a war with the Post columnist. Instead he went into the self-pitying mode yesterday . "I'm just a guy trying to sell a book to entertain people. You can buy it or not". There is no question he has "evolved" but he's not truly honest about the degree of evolution.
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    I haven't commented because I mostly agree with you, but I can put my thoughts into writing.

    The article wittily points out that 95% of the book consists of interview transcripts, so there's hardly any material that would've taken 2 years to write.

    But as far as Howard's maturity, he certainly takes a different tone with celebrities now. But he still has major problems. Look at what he did to Lorde. She (like many people) boycotted Israel because of the civil war going on there, and while Howard has the right to disagree with that decision, he completely loses it on her, in a Trump-level juvenile tirade. Her music's shitty, she had one hit but it sucked - it was nonsensical and should not have been popular, she's got no talent, she's ugly and stupid, she'll never have any success ever again.

    He does the same thing with any caller who he disagrees with. Howard either filibusters (which is particularly easy for him to do) or cuts-off the caller.

    According to Howard, JD's life is odd; Memet's life is odd; Gary's life is odd. Yet Howard has the oddest life. He gets take-out from the same chinese place every day for decades, yet he doesn't know the name of anything on the menu. He can't use a public bathroom. He eats the same food every day. He doesn't understand the idea of eating food while watching a game on TV. He doesn't know what a vagina looks like. He turns hobbies into obsessions - chess, photography, painting; but everyone else's interests are stupid. Every season, he comes to the realization that The Bachelor doesn't reflect real life, but then he keeps tuning in.

    He and Beth are waging a futile battle with rescuing animals. It's like he's trying to adopt all the dogs and cats himself. It doesn't work: there will always be more. He can't just do his part, he obsesses.
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    This one talks more about the two year process.

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