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    Yes, I've brought this up before. Some people say that they like SXM because a real DJ is talking about the songs. But as you've noted, they spend a lot of time telling you about other shit, and they do it in a way that's insulting to long-time subscribers. Their promos are targeted at people in rental cars, or new cars with trial subs. So even though I've had it for over 12 years, I have to listen to them explaining the kind of music they play, every other song. When I listen to commercial or college radio, I don't have to deal with that more than once an hour.

    And that shithead Richard Blade (mostly on 1st wave) is the king of promos. He talks about the Nascar channel, the hockey game coverage, the Tom Petty channel, and my favorite: he lists every city an 80's has-been band is touring in. Newsflash: they're all touring, everywhere, all the time. That's what they do.

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