Onyx Ez And Satellites. A Historical Review And Modern Question

Discussion in 'SiriusXM 2.0' started by kryptonite, May 17, 2017.

  1. kryptonite

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    Back about ten years ago, Sirius had three satellites flying over the Western Hemisphere in a figure-8 pattern. Two were active and the one over South America was turned off. Eventually, one was turned on while the other two were off. (I wouldn't be surprised if all three are now turned off.)

    Meanwhile, XM had two geo-stationary satellites, similar to satellite TV.

    Sirius satellites gave better coverage to the northern border, but stunk in garages. XM, it was my understanding, was essentially the opposite.

    My Sirius coverage would generally die out in garages and tunnels.

    I am now running an Onyx Plus.

    Question: Why does it still crash out in garages? I thought these areas were supposed to be better, since I'm no longer relying on figure-8 satellites.
  2. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Garages are out of sight. This is bad for both. XM is bad around trees and buildings. The farther north you go the more strong that effect. Sirius was better at that but signal would not be locked. It would vary. In home if you find xm signal as long as you don't move your antenna or nobody puts a building out your window you are good.

    With regards to garages, repeaters will penetrate. XM had more repeaters due to their signal limitations. In theory when Sirius changed their sats they should have added more repeaters.

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  3. HecticArt

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    And the bigger the city, the more repeaters.

    In a few parking garages I gave great reception, a few not so great.
  4. microbob

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    The new Geo stationary satellite is more powerful than the 3 birds they were using. The figure 8 pattern did have advantages over the fixed satellites but the signal would drop until the other satellite would move above the equator.
  5. IndustrialH

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    The figure 8's were the saving grace where I live - now they are kaput I was forced to XM and a Onyx Plus so I can stored material to play back in the massive dead zone I have driving towards the Alberta border. There were very few times I had issues with the figure 8's signals, it was the main reason I started with Sirius all those moons ago. I am surprised that more folks in BC haven't complained about the rubbish signal on the transcanada or yellow head (going north).

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