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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by hyson, May 13, 2017.

  1. hyson

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    Another rumor I've heard was that Howard's dad was not in good health.
  3. hyson

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    Totally possible. He's gotta be in his mid 90s at this point, no?
  4. Neigh

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    I do not believe Howard's reason for taking off on Wednesday. Why? Because on Tuesday I am sure I heard Howard say that that was something going on in his life that made him unhappy that he did not want to talk about on-air. That does not sound like a cold. Also, five days have gone by and he says he is still not well. C'mon. If you are not better after five days, something more serious is going on that would keep you out on Monday. Finally, he does not sound like a person who has a cold or is still recovering. Despite his protests to the contrary, his voice sounds normal. It's a coverup! Let's appoint special investigator.
  5. geosync

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    My gal was sick all winter. 5 days isn't any indicator. I thought his dad or mom was ill myself. At this point I say who cares. He'll make up the day.
  6. Neigh

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    I don't care that he was out. I am interested in whether or not he is telling the truth.
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  7. JHDK

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    that's the million dollar question.

    sadly, with new "evolved" hopalong howie, my money is on he's lying.
  8. Bark

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    Maybe he got Cat Scratch Fever?
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  9. geosync

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    None of y'all faked illness to skip school, work etc.
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