Question on what radio to upgrade to from Sportster Replay.


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Nov 28, 2012
New Jersey
Hi, I've been a Sirius subscriber since January 2006. I've had one Sportster Replay which I still use. I love the replay but it can't receive a lot of XM content and you can't browse other channels without changing what you're listening to. I want to upgrade to a radio that has:

DVR replay ability like the Sportster.
Browse other channels without changing the current one.

I looked at the Lynx and Edge, but they're both missing features I want (neither have TuneSelect). Am I correct in reading that with the Lynx you have to rewind/skip an entire song at a time, and are limited to 1 rewind and 5 skips ahead even when listening through antenna? I'm looking at maybe getting an older, out-dated model. I've read bad reviews on both the XpressRCI and the XMp3i in terms of reliability and build quality, but other than that it seems both would suit me. I wanted to ask you guys first if there is a model (new or old) I'm overlooking here? Should I move to the XM side with an old XM radio (XpressRCi or XMp3i) or get an older Sirius model like the Sportster 5?