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Discussion in 'SiriusXM 2.0' started by me_rubin, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. me_rubin

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    I've been playing with Radio Replays now for a few hours and I'm less and Less impressed with the ability to record what I want to using it.

    It seems that each radio replay of a channel is limited to 8 hours. The 8 hours recorded must be within the last 30 days. Once it is over 30 days old it is automatically deleted.

    Once you select a redio replay, you play from the beginning. If it is talk radio like Stern or some other Talk like the Golf Channel, you can forward as much as you want, but if it contains songs, you are limited to moving forard and back by some limit of songs per hour.

    This limitation makes it impossible to record or playback a specific radio show like Cousin Brucie. You cannot forward to his show or rewind back to it. For Stern it is not a problem within the day of the show. Forget about keeping a weeks work of shows...

    I'm starting to miss my stiletto....

    Maybe timed recordings will come soon....
  2. danbo

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    Replays also don't seem to work correctly. I had the lynx plugged in for 12 hours and when I went into replay it only had 6 hours and 30 minutes of recorded content for that channel. I don't understand why it wasn't 8 hours saved by that point.

    Also the manual says that after you listen to the replay it will automatically disappear when you turn the device off and on. Well the replay never disappeared. The problem with that is the Lynx did not record any new replay content to replace the old listened to content.
  3. me_rubin

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    It is hard to figure it out. The manual says it won't start saving unless you've been listening for 15 minutes. It says it will only caputer 8 hrs of one channel, so that is why I never get more than 7 hours and change. Also whenever I go to "Edit" radio replays it is always unchecked for an individual channel. I too have not figured it all out yet.
  4. danbo

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    This one seems to be ok with keeping the check marks for channels to enable replay. But it never refreshes the content. The manual says it will auto erase the oldest content but that has not happened all weekend.

    This lynx also has trouble when trying to select a replay at first. This one freezes up, and returns to the home screen but nothing starts playing. I'm wondering more and more if there is something wrong with this one.

    I never thought I'd miss the stiletto with all it's problems! I hope they somehow allow scheduled recordings, even if only for talk and news type channels.
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