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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by Vols44, Sep 24, 2015.

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    I know they types and amounts of time vary on each piece of hardware. Plug and plays and OEM vehicle units allow for replays of a current station. The Lynx saves the last 8 hours of up to 25 presets.

    I'm a faithful SL2 user who is unsure which stations my unit can capture radio replays. I know 100 & 101 are restricted. I've resorted to experimentation with a few of my favorites like Hits 1, 70's on 7, 80's on 8, Velvet, Classic Rewind, BPM, Utopia and The Pulse with success. There are channels which I haven't picked up like Pop2k and NFL (probably restricted).

    After reading archived threads from different forums replays are picked up during the gaps in recording segments if a unit is tuned to that station.

    My question is which stations outside of 11, 12, 88, 100 and 101 are replays restricted? My other question is if the introduction time of a channels and the age of my refurbished SL2 is a factor?

    I could try and update the channel lineup via internet radio mode. It reloads the lineup every time I R & E and listen in the satellite mode.

    I'm not concerned with the last 60 minutes of live radio stored in the temporary replay buffer.

    Any and all replies are much appreciated.
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    I have disabled Radio Replays as I have found it greatly increases the speed of the corruption issue happening. As far as I remember only 100 & 101 were restricted but as channel lineups change, they may have forgotten to update other channels.
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    .... on the subject of the corrupt replays - I have two that I cannot delete - the Stiletto lost track of them with the channel changes a couple of weeks ago - loath doing a reset - they just show up with the length of time - but no channel names.
  4. IndustrialH

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    Back again - since I re-activated the Stiletto 100 it isn't recording Auto Replays - manual selections or programmed are fine. Before I start "fiddling" I thought I would check first. Any ideas anyone ?
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    I can't remember if that was a glitch from when they changed the formatting or not.
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    I could be remembering that completely wrong.

    Have you done the old "clear the cache thing" yet?

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