Say Farewell to The Bridge... Again. (Led Zeplin Radio)

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    Payola. Lets let Sirius XM make some money off it.
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    Grateful Dead Channel is another one that has been on the satellites for too long. Jimmy Buffet's Radio Margaritaville is another.

    Hell, even Elvis Radio. Get rid of them all, and create one dedicated channel and either use the extra bandwidth to improve sound quality or use it to offer a more diverse selection of music... and I'll say it once more: Get rid of Backseat TV. It is a waste of money and it's not bringing in significant numbers. Most important of all, it's a huge waste of bandwidth that could be dedicated to where it should belong: Satellite Radio.
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    Don't forget the Sinatra channel.
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    It would be interesting to see how popular those channels are, I have a feeling that a lot of people tune in. I have Margaritaville, Elvis, and Sinatra as presets, and Radio Margaritaville was one of the reasons I chose Sirius over XM. I would argue that in the case of RM and Sinatra that they are not single artist, but more of a "niche" that many people like.

    I am not a fan of the Bridge, but how they treat it is wrong. Maybe they change E Street channel to something like a single artist channel that rotates the artist every 3 months.

    And in the case of AC/DC taking over the punk channel, for example, is a way to promote a new album. I just don't like the length of time they take over, I would say two weeks would be long enough, then let the people who tuned into those channels get back to what they tuned in for.

    that's my 1/5 of a dime.....
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