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Discussion in 'SiriusXM 2.0' started by admin, Oct 9, 2011.

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    I think I helped get him off topic. Sorry.
  2. DAB

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    I think this device is cool as hell! I do think the price point is going to be the biggest issue with it, especially with the docks not included or at least a dock of your choice as you get with the new Edge.

    You guys all know I am big on other music services! However, I have never canceled sat radio and the reason is because there is just nothing out there that compares. To say oh I can get content here and I can get it there, I can jump up and down while whistling Dixie. So, what, the fact is you can't get everything that Sirius XM offers in a single service.

    We are just seeing the beginnings of what is to come with sat radio and given the fact that sat radio already has 20 plus millions subs most of which are being paid for. They are can certainly offer up a competitive online service that will meet and/or beat most other online services today and they will do that with content. Content that most of the other simply don't have and cannot afford to get.

    Now we can gripe about shit that happened what 2 years ago now and hold a grudge, but the facts are clear. While there was some initial churn most resubscribed and subscriptions have continued to be added with very low churn. Those numbers tell the story at the end of the day better than anything I could say. Time to let go of shit that happened years ago and if you really moved on, why are you still complaining about it. GEEZ! That is a rhetorical question no response necessary. Lets stay on topic!

    Sat Radio Rocks! What I am looking forward too are the enhanced smartphone apps that are likely to come. I don't see myself buying more hardware, but I would like to see them improve the sky dock app that I use with my iPod Touch on a daily basis.
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    I can see a point in time, maybe 14 or 15 years down the road, where they still use the satellites, but don't rely on them as their claim to fame. Change is good.
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  4. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    I have noticed you change your other services rather regularly too. Spotify again? I thought you were sold on Rdio.
  5. DAB

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    Still have Rdio, but I do a lot of testing of services. I somehow manage to get on beta teams. Anyway.. giving them all there share of notice and advertising. Still prefer Rdio, but Spot has made a lot of improvements recently. But this is not the appropriate topic for that discussion!

    Anyway.... Lynx will sell, but I still think PNP's that offer these add on channels will do better again because of the price point!
  6. HecticArt

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    The sign up list is here!
    The sign up list is here
    TSS Radio has the waiting list on their website to be notified when the new Lynx is available.

    Just go to and pick the New Products tab and scroll down a little bit.

    We're getting closer.

    I'm on the list!
    I'm on the list!
  7. TSS Taylor

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    Sounds like maybe by Christmas barely at Crutchfield. But not many will arrive. Other than that I'm guessing we get them in the first cpl weeks of January. Which is a bummer. But who knows how it will go down.
  8. HecticArt

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    I'm holding out till January then. At this point I'm still having fun with the anticipation. (But don't take me off of your list!) ;)

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  9. Wolf

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    I just signed up on the waiting list, thx for the heads Hectic and Taylor!
  10. HecticArt

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