SiriusStreamer is now SiriusXMStreamer - supporting both Sirius and XM Radio!

Discussion in 'SIR & XMRO Internet Radio' started by TheEndless, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. zeldor

    zeldor New Member

    Sweet, that works great. thanks. :)
  2. StevenD

    StevenD New Member

    Is there any way to force SiriusXMStreamer to use the "Standard" quality instead of "Premium"? I know, why would anybody want that, but I want to use the 32k stream while at work.
  3. NemoPoker

    NemoPoker New Member

    can we get a whats playing when hovering over the tray icon ?
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  4. NemoPoker

    NemoPoker New Member

    another thing would be a mute button/volume control on right click on tray icon
  5. KeithAdv

    KeithAdv New Member

    Won't list all XM channels

    I'm so thrilled to find SXMS! I have it running through PS3 Media Server and it (well, the part of it that works) works well.

    However, I have a problem that I haven't seen listed anywhere else.

    I have only an XM online account, not Sirius. When I ask SXMS to refresh the XM channel listing, it seems to collect about half of the channels and then aborts with the log showing this message: "an item with the same key has already been added."

    The channels it has collected up to that point work fine. The missing ones are randomly scattered throughout (SXMS doesn't seem to collect the channels in sequential order--not mine, anyway). For example, I have the 60's and 80's channels, but no 70's, etc.

    I'm not running Windows Media Center, just a stock Win XP config. Net Framework 3.5 is installed.
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  6. KeithAdv

    KeithAdv New Member

    Well, I tried various solutions, one of which was updating Net Framework to 3.5 SP1 and applying all the updates I could find. Nothing worked.

    Finally, I stumbled across a workaround that will help me through for now. The bug in SiriusXMStreamer (with respect to XM) appears only when you try to REFRESH the channel list. I think there may be a programming error related to how the app is trying populate the XM data file. (However, I realize that, as far as I know, I'm the only person who has ever reported this problem!)

    I used Add/Remove Programs to delete the app, then reinstalled a fresh version. The default XM data file that ships with SXMS seems OK. The only problem, of course, would be if XM changed their line-up after version 1.51 was released or changes it in the future. I know they sometimes do such things.

    But I have all my favorite channels for now, so I'm happy with that.

    I hope someone finds this information useful.
  7. Gladman911

    Gladman911 New Member

    I am getting an error message
    "cannot find the media file"
    and of course it won't play. what could this be?
  8. Freaky33

    Freaky33 Member

    What happend with the Sirius streams? They loading in very, very slow.
    I think it's my Windows Media Player what is connecting to the streams very slow. Not only the Sirius streams are loading in very slow, also other streams. Someone can tell me what it is and how I can resolve this? I'm using WMP 11 with Vista.
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  9. the2fox22

    the2fox22 New Member

    ***Problem solved....on my computer reboot, the IP address changed, and that's where the problems came in***

    I am not able to get the streamer to work at all this morning. I noticed my streams were not connecting, so I restarted and now every time I try to start the streamer I get the message

    "The requested address is not valid in its context.
    Server failed to start"

    Any ideas?

    Thanks! I love it and use it all of the time
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  10. Freaky33

    Freaky33 Member

    Problem solved. It was a proxy server problem in the WMP 11 so all the streams loading in very slow. They loading in fast again.
  11. cookiecrumbs

    cookiecrumbs New Member

    If The Endless is out there, I want to mention that my problem from this summer is solved. The SXMS interface is now working perfectly with my 64-bit laptop. No more right-click-menu'ing for five layers to get the mms code to get a station to load.

    Thank you if you have been tweaking.
  12. andersoz

    andersoz New Member

    Streamer Broken

    Looks like SiriusXM finally updated their player to be completely flash based. Sad to say that SXMStreamer is broken now. Looks to be significantly more complex of a system to reverse engineer than before....Boooooo
  13. StevenD

    StevenD New Member

    It looks like Sirius has yet again changed their online player. This morning on SXMS, I get:

    7:13 AM: Welcome to SiriusXMStreamer v1.5.1.19947
    7:13 AM: Checking for updates...
    7:13 AM: No updates are available at this time.
    7:13 AM: Starting server...
    7:13 AM: Logging onto Sirius...
    7:13 AM: Unable to identify captcha.
    7:13 AM: Server failed to start.
  14. bigdog731

    bigdog731 New Member

    You guys beat me to it. I am getting same stuff on this player and others. hate to use theirs from website
  15. radiorabid

    radiorabid New Member

    XM Login Forbidden

    I had the same problem:
    here's the script:
    9:47 AM: Welcome to SiriusXMStreamer v1.9.5.22367
    9:47 AM: Checking for updates...
    9:47 AM: No updates are available at this time.
    9:47 AM: Starting server...
    9:47 AM: Logging onto XM...
    9:47 AM: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
    9:47 AM: Server failed to start.
  16. MisterNasty

    MisterNasty New Member

    Same here.:(
  17. danhvos

    danhvos New Member

    I have not restarted my computer in many days. My SiriusXMStreamer is still working! So, I am hopeful that the fix will not be too bad.
  18. TheEndless

    TheEndless Member

    Yes, significantly! I'm trying to find some way in, but it's not looking too promising at the moment... sorry for the inconvenience!
  19. Dwight2001

    Dwight2001 New Member

    Good Luck, I miss it already.

    And Thank you,
  20. Bobak

    Bobak New Member

    Thank You


    I just wanted to Thank You for all of your hard work and dedication with SiriusXM Streamer.

    This app really makes the whole Sirius Internet Radio worth using since we do not need to log into a stupid web interface and click something every 10 minutes to confirm we are still awake.

    Hopefully people will donate money or time to the cause so we can get it back up and running soon.

    Anyway Keep Up the Great Work!

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