SiriusXM Introduces the Lynx Portable Radio, the First SiriusXM 2.0 Radio that Offers

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    I guess my question would be as one who has the SL2 what would be the major differences between this and the Lynx? I am first of all seeing the capablility to rewind internet radio which I don't have. Also the capability atleast as of right now to not "Love" a song. Anything else?
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    Unlike the SL2, no scheduled recordings. You would have to use the program guide if its up to date.
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    The Lynx appeared in the national Best Buy ad for the first time I can remember. The package includes a free home or vehicle kit (MSRP 69.99). The title made me lol, "Meet the Ultimate Satellite Radio- Lynx".

    I'll have to trek down to the store and play with their new toy without bothering the largely uninformed and limited-knowledge sales associates. I should mess with them and them to demonstrate how the love button is used and not buy one til they show me it works.
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    I saw the ad too. They've ad the Edge once but otherwise no 2.0 radios until this week. They didn't market it as 2.0 other than mentioning 20+ Xtra Channels. Maybe with the love button situation, they are dropping the 2.0 terminology for now.
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    I'm about to find out.......

    I just ordered my Lynx :purpbanana: I just ordered my Lynx.

    I was hoping that they were ready.

    Lynx with a free dock and free shipping. :buttrock:
    I picked up couple of docks for work and the house too.

    TSS is usually crazy fast with shipping.
    If UPS has a tail wind I mightbe luck enough to have my new toys by Friday.
    Sometimes packages get stuck at the local distribution center over the weekend though.

    Now I'll finally be able to properly run the wires and get my cup holder back.
    (My Stiletto dock has been sitting in it since I knew I'd be retiring it soon.)

    I just ordered my Lynx. :blob1: I just ordered my Lynx.
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    Congrats and good luck. PM me if you need any assistance.
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    Will do! Thanks. Looking forward to it. I babied my SL2 and didn't record or use wi-fi because I was convinced it would cause the memory issue some folks were getting. It probably didn't make a difference, but I never had a crash either.

    I trust the Lynx much more right away, and am going to put it through it's paces. :buttrock:
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    My Lynx is here!
    Woo Hoo!
    I ordered it Tuesday night and it got here around 11:00 this morning!
    That's fast, and it was only sent UPS ground.
    Setting up my new SXM account was the only drag.
    (Their website is a little goofy.)
    I'm listening now, but I don't have enough time to fart around with it yet.
    Boo Hoo......

    More after I know what I'm doing with it.
    For now, it's Electric Area.
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    Just so I'm clear:

    What's the real win with the Lynx? I know you get something like 20+ extra channels but aren't those mostly Spanish?

    Other than that (and it's the newer radio) wouldn't an Xpress RC or iPhone + SkyDock do the trick?

    In simpler terms: What do you get with a Lynx, in real-world value (not: it has a bunch of Spanish channels I'll never listen to), over a Xpress RC?
  13. HecticArt

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    Apart from the newer is gooder (aka New Toys Are Fun) thing, it does a lot of cool stuff that leverages the internet. It will cache several stations at once, allows you to start songs from the beginning when you change channels, and there is the blue tooth link deal that let's you do some fun stuff. There are a handful of other features too, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

    The drawback at the moment is that they had to remove the Love and scheduled recording features while they are sorting out their legal issues with the recording industry.

    My stiletto was still running pretty well, but would reboot on its own from time to time, so it had me kinda nervous.

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    The coolest feature about the Lynx is probably the Bluetooth. Having it portable in the home and sending the signal to the Bluetooth Home Dock. Or if you are driving it's an easy setup to send it to Bluetooth Headphones or a Bluetooth Stereo.

    But it's still a plug and play radio and if you coordinate it right it's the best plug and play out there. It's the only Satellite Radio than can support the TuneStart feature on your favorite channels. So when you switch to one of your top 5 presets you will hear a song play from the beginning.

    The Radio Replays feature if played right will allow you to record 5 hours on your top 5 presets and listen back and Fast Forward bits you don't want to hear.

    It combines Plug and Play features with the functions of the online App. But with some small differences. For example on the App or Online player when you go backwards in time you can only fast forward to the next commercial break but you can't fast forward through individual commercials. With the Lynx you can. And that comes in handy. You don't have to put up with 3-5 minutes of commercials with that.

    The rest of the cool features will be in updates in the future.
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    I went to Best Buy just to see how the Lynx works but it wasn't set up. Just on display.
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    I'm surprised it was even on display. I thought Best Buy was only selling this model on-line only!

    The problem with it in the store, is that it is usually only setup in Demo Mode, where you don't get the look and feel of the unit.

    This unit really takes some time to find out all the bells and whistles about it. Read some of the reviews from Crutchfield, they receintly did a article specificly on the Lynx which was good.
    Tracking the SiriusXM Lynx

    Otherwise Look for posts from Taylor of TSS on this site. I'm enjoying the radio. I wish it had the scheduled recordings other than that it is great!
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    To play with one @ BB won't answer many questions, I don't think. To have the thing in your hand with sat signal and wifi available make the difference. We met a friend for Breakfast Sunday, and I was showing it to him, but they didn't have wifi, and I hadn't had a chance to load any music on it yet, so there wasn't anything for him to see really.

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  18. TOM C.

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    looking this over, "The drawback at the moment is that they had to remove the Love and scheduled recording features while they are sorting out their legal issues with the recording industry", Is this true for the talk stations also. I would not have shows in memory if i am reading this right, but would i be able pause and resume with the 5 hour thing i was reading about?
  19. HecticArt

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    Yeah, we're hoping the love and scheduled recordings come back. Right now, I have a ton of stuff that it self recorded for me. It buffers several hours from your presets. I've got both music and talk on there.

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  20. TOM C.

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    So how would it work for a HS or O&A show, could you back up to 6am and use through out the day, pause and unpause?

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