SiriusXM's Lynx FCC Teardown/Quick Start Guide

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    SiriusXM’s Android Powered Satellite Radio internals finally hit the FCC this week. As*previously noted the new Lynx features built in Bluetooth, Micro SD, WIFI(B,G,N) and Immersion Touchscreen Technology. The internals also feature an STIMicro Processor and Samsung SDRAM (No word on the processors speed).

    The Lynx was first ousted in October but it is still not currently for sale. There is still no release date for the Lynx but you can join the waiting list at

    Also leaked is the SiriusXM’s Lynx Quick Start Guide seen below (Click Image to View PDF). After looking over the Quick Guide it appears that new Satellite Radio users can now activate service right from the Lynx. This is a great feature if true.


    Another feature on the Lynx is the ability to manage memory card content. According to the Quick Start Guide:

    If you have installed an optional microSDHC memory card in Lynx, connecting Lynx to a computer using the USB Cable will allow you to manage content and playlists on the memory card.

    When Lynx is connected to the computer, the memory card will be recognized as a removable hard drive. You can then copy and manage your personal songs and .M3U playlists on your memory card.

    Compatible Audio File Codecs: AAC LC, AAC LTP, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2 (.3gp, .mp4, .m4a, .aac), MP3 CBR and MP3 VBR (.mp3)

    Although we already know everything about this new portable radio it’s a waiting game as usual, SiriusXM has yet to make an official announcement although all FCC*regulatory filings are in place. Expect the new Lynx very soon.

    View the original Article at Digital Radio Magazine or discuss it here.
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    One step closer. One step closer. One step closer!

    Library management, lots of supported file types, B,G,+N, Blue-tooth? Good stuff. I think I'm passing giddy.

    Was anybody able to get the quick-start to load?

    This one won't work without the battery. One of our old troubleshooting techniques is off the list.
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    Just release the damn unit already!
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    Here is a Download link

    I uploaded it to Google Doc's so it should be loading.
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    I found all 3 in the other thread.

    Good stuff.

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    I see where I'll be wearing out the love button to build my library. The radio replay options are superior to a Stiletto. The touch screen save wear and tear on buttons. The Best Buy audio rep said they expect to receive training on the Lynx by the end of the year.
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    TSS baby. TSS. ;)

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    Boy, do I run with this one? Nah!

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