So I Guess The Chicken Dip Is No Longer A Thing?

Discussion in 'RadioIO' started by kryptonite, Dec 3, 2015.

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    Don't know if the company is still in business. I saw the episode of Shark Tank with Dave from Back9 pitching the chicken dip. No one was interested.

    It sounded like Bubba had a falling out with Dave. Bubba made a quick comment on the air a while ago that he got screwed on the chicken dip deal. Other than that, Bubba hasn't talked about it.
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    I just found Dave Mealey's LinkedIn page. Under "Experience", it lists

    Back 9 Dips
    October 2009 – May 2014 (4 years 8 months)
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    I know that Bubba said the guy from Back 9 was a dick and that he screwed him.

    The only place that even serves Bubba's Chicken Dip now is Mikes Pizza at 49th and Ulmerton in Tampa.. Allegedly/Supposedly.
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    Ouch. Yeah, I wouldn't be shocked if there's some sort of Chicken Dip at Mike's. The reports of that place seem to be that the outside of the building and surrounding area seem to be a bit sketchy, but the food is good.

    That's also the home of Ned's Meaty Mandingo with the side of Man Sauce. I wonder if Bubba re-purposed his Chicken Dip so it's no longer a Back 9 thing.

    The funny thing about it being in Ohio? It was listed at one store in Cincinnati. Google Maps said there wasn't a store location there. Go figure.
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