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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by TSS Taylor, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    not sure how up-to-date this is, but does anyone know if gary is @robertabooey?
  2. blueneon36

    blueneon36 Active Member

    I don't know. It sounds like "Bob-a-booey", but I dont want to follow if its not him.
  3. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    It his him. Her confirmed it on the show.
  4. hyson

    hyson Forum Jerk

  5. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

  6. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    LOL I always thought he had that "I want to be Howard' look.
    If anyone cares to follow me I'm just ShawnRussell Mostly tweet stern stuff and music.

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