Stiletto Internet Player Going Away Sept 30

Discussion in 'SiriusXM 2.0' started by TSS Taylor, Aug 28, 2015.

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    My hunch is that the website is in need of updating.
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    I must be woefully out of it. I thought the app was an extra fee (included as part of online listening at $4 or so per month.)

    For example... if all you had was a SL2, you got internet listening via it included.

    If you wanted to listen via the site or app, you had to pay extra, no matter what radio you have.

    I have a Sportster-whatever and had to pay extra to listen via the website and app until they convinced me the promo for all access was less expensive than the promo for "half off for a year plus online listening at regular price."

    After re-reading this, I guess you subscribe to the additional online package (which *should* get you upgraded quality on the SL...)

    I'd imagine that subscribers who listen online only via Stiletto, which would be 32k, should be very few.
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    I pay $4+/month for internet so I get the premium speed on the SL2. I needed to attach it on the website. If I wasn't paying for the online, I would not be able to use the app.
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    Related thread.
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    It appears that life timers can move to the app for no additional fee.

    It's sad that SiriusXM has apparently stopped developing new radios. A portable radio that could actually pick up a satellite signal "on the go" would be awesome, but with smartphones being so prevalent, I can see why they did that. They can just develop an app with "basic radios" like a OnyxEZ, Stratus, Starmate or Sportster and have that be good.

    I'd imagine that a lot of people just hit the "SiriusXM" button on their car and use their built-in radio as well.
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    If anyone north of the border (with a US account) needs access to the SiriusXM app for android the easiest way is to download the app directly and install in - I used APKMirror .
    The app works fine on my android box - I have an iPhone :-( . Just like the website it doesn't seem to pay any attention to the connecting IP address. If someone has already posted this somewhere - my apologies.
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    Thanks for the tip IH. :thumbup:
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    After all these months - oops - this in the link APKMirror
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    I keep forgetting to update it. Even with your reminders!

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