Stiletto2 Antenna Headphones+charging At Same Time And Directed Electronics Model Solist Spreaker F

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    Hey guys an gals I have 2 questions.

    I just started using my Sirius service after a long time. have a lifetime subscrip with app on computer and phone.

    Foystly. Is there any funky way to charge your stiletto2 and listen to it with the antenna headphones (they are basically the only thing that can pick up a good signal in my area). It seems there is not enough room on the stiletto2 bottom to fit both attachments :-(

    Is there any way to boost the signal when you have a very weak signal at home?

    Secondly. I have a Directed electronics MODEL:SOLOIST that is basically a dock speaker for the stiletto 2. Since internet radio does not work I can not get any signal on this device

    Is internet radio on the Stilletto2 no longer supported? I can not connect to any network to listen to my stiletto 2 using the net. :-(

    Also the antenna is no longer detected when I attach it to the SOLOSIT dock/speaker :-(((

    thanks a ton

    SKIPPY New Member


    SKIPPY New Member

    I saw this video but do not know if this is a god idea since I am doing this at home

  4. HecticArt

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    Hi Skippy. Welcome to the DRC.

    They dropped the Internet format that the Stiletto used when they upgraded it for the app.

    Someplace around here was a thread that (I believe) had someone that had modified their antenna headphones to allow it to be charged at the same time.
    See if you can run a couple of searches to find it. It may have been in our archives in the old Sirius Backstage forum.

    If you can't find something, check back in. I may have a chance to dig around tomorrow or Thursday if you remind me.

    SKIPPY New Member

    thanks I will dig around and see what I find


    SKIPPY New Member

  7. HecticArt

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    I dug around for a while looking for the thread that I (think I) remember.
    I still can't find it, but thought someone (possibly MeRubin) had taken their cable and cut a notch in the plastic grip to allow the charger to connect.

    This was one of his other mods. Stiletto Portable Antenna Cable - My Next PDF Document | Digital Radio Central

    There may still be a thread someone else can remember. If I get a chance, I'll poke around some more later.
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