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Discussion in 'SiriusXM 2.0' started by sgniwder, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I've been thinking about this topic for a while now since I have 2 Stiletto's with Sirius Premier Lifetime Subs. Ever since I've read about the 2.0 plans, I've been wondering if I'm just out of luck in a couple of years or if they will come up with a plan for us old timers that bought into the company when it was in trouble. Also, it would probably be a customer service nightmare to leave us in the cold, but they haven't always been easy to work with either. Last I remember though, Sirius bought XM. Either way, one of my Stilettos is on it's last legs ...battery issues, getting stuck at times, etc..., so I'm just hoping for some information.

    I see in the Lynx thread that HCW reported being able to get a radio transferred over to XM Lifetime ( and I wonder if there are others out there who were successful. So, if there is anyone out else there who was successful, I'd really like to hear about it.

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    SG, so far HCW is the first one that we've heard that has had positive results transferring. There was another fella that sounded like he didn't have the same results. I'd start trying to contact them sooner than later if you're looking to upgrade your equipment. If you get someone that says that you can't do it, ask for their supervisor or call back later. Keep talking to different people till you get the answer that you want. I'm still assuming that they haven't had a ton of requests to transfer lifetimes yet, so they may not have their procedure totally worked out yet.
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    Hectic Art hits the nail on the head multiple times. Sgniwder has the right idea with the transfer plans. I plan on hitting up multiple CSR's in the most convincing fashion til they give in. The switch with a premier plan won't affect a person as much as someone with the select plan or an original Sirius lifetime plan.

    I don't see the channels exclusive to Sirius or XM won't carry over without a premier tiered subscription.

    It's entirely possible the people with the decision making authority haven't figured out how to transfer one type of subscriber without ticking off customers with other packages. I'd list all the options since January 9, 2006 and replicate one template Mel Karmazin has mulled over and come up with no best way of transiting Sirius plank owners into satrad 2.0.

    Asking people to fork over an extra c note to add the BOXM to a Sirius sub worked in the past. The 3 dollar a month difference between select and premier times 36 months equals 108. Who knows what the magic formula consists of. I think the company's transitional decisions are fluid with no current set policy. It must be frustrating to work for Siri in the lower levels of management.
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