The 2014 - 2015 English Premier League (and European Football) Thread

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Sports' started by semipenguin, Jul 3, 2014.

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    I'm really getting into soccer now. I'm a big fan of Sporting Kansas City and I've enjoyed watching the World Cup and English Premier League soccer and the other European leagues. Look forward to the new season of EPL.:cool:
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    The World Cup twenty years ago did a lot to help in the popularity of soccer in this country. If you were a kid back then, you're all grown up now, or you had kids that starting playing soccer back then.

    I think a lot of international clubs will start looking more and more at US players :)
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    EPL teams have already started preseason friendlies, with a few of them in the USA :)

    EPL Champions Manchester City FC face MLS Champions Sporting Kansas City on 23 July :cool:

    Schedule | Sporting Kansas City

    Other EPL teams will be in the USA to play friendlies against other international clubs & MLS squads

    Pre-season fixtures for Barclays Premier League clubs

    Swansea City vs Chivas Guadalajara in Milwaukee

    19 July

    Swansea City FC vs Minnesota United
    Tottenham Hotspurs vs Seattle Sounders

    21 July
    West Bromwich Albion vs Sacramento Republic
    Tottenham Hotspurs vs Toronto FC

    23 July ...

    Aston Villa vs Dallas FC
    Crystal Palace vs Columbus Crew
    Manchester United vs LA Galaxy
    Liverpool FC vs Roma FC. At Fenway

    25 July

    Crystal Place FC vs Philadelphia Union
    West Bromwich Albion vs Sacramento Republic

    26 July

    Arsenal vs New York Red Bulls
    Aston Villa vs Houston Dynamo
    Manchester United vs Roma FC in Denver

    27 July

    Liverpool FC vs Olympiacos FC in Chicago (?)
    Manchester City vs AC Milan at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
    Tottenham Hotspurs vs Chicago Fire

    28 July

    Crystal Palace vs Richmond Kickers

    29 July
    Manchester United vs Inter Milan in DC

    30 July
    Manchester City vs Liverpool in New York (Yankee Stadium?)

    2 Aug

    Liverpool vs AC Milan in Miami
    Manchester City vs Olympiacos at Bank Stadium (?)
    Manchester United vs Real Madrid in Ann Arbor, MI
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    At this moment, Sporting KC 1 - 2 Manchester City in the 2nd half ...
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    I can't remember which league's owners wanted to put sponsors on their jerseys, but the league said no. This was about 15 years ago.

    If the NFL decided to let their teams put company logos on their jerseys, it would wipe out NASCAR, where some companies are paying about $25M per year to be on a Sprint Cup Series car! :eek:
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    I wanted to go to Man U in Denver, but alas.

    Hopefully Liverpool does something this year.
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    I can't wait. I'll try and get up early enough to listen to ManU vs Swansea :)

    When I first started following the Premier League, I picked Aston Villa to root for. I guess they're being sold by their American owner, Randy Learner. He's the guy who sold the Cleveland Browns for $1B after inheriting it from his father.

    The Prime Minister is a huge Villa fan, and he's joked about getting his rich, Arab friends to buy the team, and spend the money needed to help bring them back up to the elite status of European football ...

    Aston Villa takeover: David Cameron jokes "I'll get my rich Arab friends to buy Aston Villa" - Mirror Online
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    Manchester United Nil - Swansea 1 Halftime
  19. semipenguin

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    Manchester United 1 - Swansea 2 Full Time!

    First win for Swansea at Old Trafford!
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    XM Channel 118 (BBC World Service) has Sportsworld. A program (programme for you weirdos) that discusses the Premier League on the weekends. I think it starts at 1000 EDT :)

    BBC World Service - Sportsworld
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