The 2016-17 Ncaa Basketball Season Thread

Discussion in 'NCAA (All Sports)' started by sbv71, Oct 31, 2016.

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    That court looks like a beauty. I'm sure Arizona St will be a great host. And Arizona has a good chance of getting there.
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    Illinois and Indiana will be looking for new head coaches
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    My work corporate office sent this email to everyone on Thursday afternoon.

    We appreciate all your excitement for the NCAA tournament, but we have experienced an overload on our networks which is causing an impact to our systems, including (company website).com business. We are asking all associates to reframe from streaming video. Sites offering streaming media coverage of the NCAA tournament will be blocked. We appreciate your understanding.
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    I finally checked out that time lapse.
    Very cool.
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    Unlimited data plans are making a comeback, (I got on Verizon's recently) that'll solve some problems.
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    I'm bouncing back already by watching the Division II National Championship. Fairmount State vs Northwest Missouri St.
    They said on the College Sports Nation that if the Missouri team wins they will win the Football and Basketball National Championship in the same season
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    Northwest Missouri St. beats Fairmont St. 71-61 for the Div. II Championship.
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