The 2018-2019 Hot Stove News And Off Season Thread


Oct 11, 2008
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Why? Most switches are the other way.

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Of what I read the article. The team will save nearly two million gallons of water and help cool off the stadium a lot faster. Because they close the stadium roof near game time to give the grass plenty of sun. But the fans complain it still hot inside, which I agree sometimes.

I personally think it not a good idea to switch from grass to turf. Usually players get injured on that type of surface, plus the stadium had natural grass for over 20 years. Why change it now, plus with all the talks of the team wanting a new stadium while the current one needs some repairs.

Why bother having a retractable roof when the roof is always close for most of the season. Same thing for the Arizona Cardinals, you have a retractable football field and roof and that roof is closed all year. The weather is perfect right now in Phoenix and the Cards still have to have the roof close.
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Oct 11, 2008
Skydome isn't offered. Neither is Angel Stadium or wherever the Mariners play.