The Adam Carolla Podcast !


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Oct 12, 2008
huh, i have the totally oppsite view. now im a new carolla listener, so maybe thats why, but my fav carollas are both the live shows and the almost live podcast. i just think there is an energy in both those shows that ya dont get when its just adam and a guest...well unless its a stellar guest. i also think its cool to hear how he works the crowd during the live shows. i still wont pay for them though.

You should try to locate the Carolla Show back in 2008 when Norm MacDonald was in the studio. It was the best hour and a half of radio ever.


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Oct 11, 2008
i was happy to hear adam back this week. even if its only for a day or two. i didnt like the guest hosts at all! i listened to greg fizt and he was cool but all the rest sucked big time! i was happy to hear kevin nealon get the gig for a day but man did he blow. i guess he cant hold a show on his own, but he is good when getting interviewed.