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    Heard on The Beatles Channel: You Can't Fight Lightning, a very strange song written and recorded by Ringo Starr in 1980. It was intended for his 1981 Stop & Smell The Roses album but remained unreleased until 1994 when it appeared as one of six bonus tracks on a CD reissue of the album. Paul McCartney played drums on the track and Linda McCartney and Sheila Casey sang background.

    A few websites say Ringo wrote the song after he and future wife Barbara Goldbach (who he met in 1980 while they were filming the Caveman movie) were nearly struck by lightning. That story is false. Ringo told the Los Angeles Times that "You can't fight lightning" was simply a phrase he used to describe his love for Barbara. They married in 1981. Here is the song -- and maybe it should have stayed unreleased:

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    Yeah... vocally it doesn't quite work!
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    I kinda like it.
    I could hear it in a movie soundtrack.
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    It's ok.

    It didn't come easy.
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    Great. I'm trying to go to bed early, and I have that stupid song stuck in my head
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    semi, you know I certainly don't want -- "It's a small world, after all; it's a small world, after all; it's a small world, after all; it's a small, small world" -- any songs to get stuck on your head. Here is another rarity played on The Beatles Channel: the Beatles' 1963 BBC recording of I'll Be On My Way.

    The song was also recorded by Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas and was released as the B-side of their first single, Do You Want To Know A Secret, which was produced by George Martin and reached #2 in the UK but failed to chart in the US. Those were two of six Beatles songs recorded by Kramer & the Dakotas. The others were Bad To Me, From A Window, I Call Your Name and I'll Keep You Satisfied.

    Here is I'll Be On My Way, with John and Paul doing their very best Buddy Holly impressions:

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    Ok, it's not a stupid song. It eventually left my mind and I was off to sleep.

    Good song (I'll be on my way)
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    I have not yet heard Ringo Starr's original version of Everyone Wins on The Beatles Channel but the channel is playing his 2010 remake. The original was released in 1992 in Germany on a CD single which also included Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go from Ringo's Time Takes Time album. Because the album did not sell well in the US -- it didn't even make Billboard's Top 200 chart -- the label (Private Music) canceled plans to release the single in the US. Ringo recorded a new version of the song for his 2010 Y Not album featuring Gary Wright, Edgar Winter and Tom Petty keyboardist Benjamin Tench. Here 'tis:

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    Really. It's all too much.
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