Theme Songs #87

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  1. Jon

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    Hello and welcome to the 87th edition of 'Theme Songs', the game where every song has one thing in common and you have to guess what that is.

    We're looking for particular CATEGORY this week.

    Starting with Clue #1.

    Good luck!
  2. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    All girl bands
  3. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    Women who sings better then the Spice Girls.
  4. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Artists with famous musician parents.
  5. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

    Reality TV stars
  6. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    Clue #2

  7. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    Bands named for two members
  8. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

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  9. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member


    Congrats, Chuck!

    Theme Songs #87 is about Rock and Roll Sister Acts.

    Carnie and Wendy Wilson, daughters of the Legendary Beach Boy songwriter Brian Wilson, are 2/3 of the Rock Sibling Supergroup Wilson Phillips. Chynna Phillips is also daughter of John and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, and is also sisters with One Day at a Time alum Mckenzie Phillips.

    Tegan Quin and Sara Quin are identical twin sisters, both born September 19, 1980 in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Both of whom write their own songs, and are talented multi-instrumentalists.

    And the next clues.....

    HAIM, a sister trio consisting of Este (Bass Guitar and Vocals), Danielle (Vocals and Guitar), and Alana Haim (Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals). The band formed in 2007,in their hometown of L.A. but didn't get serious about music until after Danielle became the touring guitarist for the likes of Jenny Lewis and Julian Casablancas. They resumed the band full-time in 2012.

    And the last, arguably most famous and highest-selling sister act in Rock........

    Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, who have been the most consistent part of 'Heart' in its various forms since they got together and first started finding success in Canada, then the U.S. back in 1973.

    New game next week!
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  10. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Congrats King!

    Good game Jon. Thanks.
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  11. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    And it’s yet another week where King wins Theme Songs and I win WAI. :D
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  12. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    Good game Jon. Congrats King!
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