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Discussion in 'XM Portables' started by SIRIUSaboutXM, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. SIRIUSaboutXM

    SIRIUSaboutXM DRC Special Contributor

    Anyone ever had this happen? My track wheel quit working- I can still use the <<, >>, record & pause buttons, but I can't scroll any menus when using as portable. I have done a complete factory reset (restore and erase). Not under warranty anymore. Please help
  2. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    I hardly ever use the wheel. Try the remote.

    Sorry I couldn't help, but remotes are easier to replace then whole radios :worried:
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  3. SIRIUSaboutXM

    SIRIUSaboutXM DRC Special Contributor

    Remote don't work in portable mode- I use as portable most of the time. Thanks anyway
  4. My name is Matt

    My name is Matt New Member

    Unfortunately I don't have a scenario for you that's going to fix this. Did it just stop working out of the blue, or did something spill on it, or was it dropped maybe? I will email our repair service guy and see if this is something he may be able to look at.
  5. SIRIUSaboutXM

    SIRIUSaboutXM DRC Special Contributor

    Last week I tried to spin the wheel and it felt like it was stuck. So I used my thumbs to press down on both sides of the wheel and spin it until it freed up. Now it spins very freely, but I can still feel the notches(9 on a complete revolution), but it does not respond. All other functions work and I have tried a complete restore and erase and taken the battery out. Thank you for any help.
  6. My name is Matt

    My name is Matt New Member

    And you've had this for longer than a year? I still think it wouldn't hurt to call Pioneer and see if there's something they could do for you. Their number is 1-800-421-1404. In the end, if you have to replace it, we do sell just the radio: XMp3i Standalone Receiver | TSS-Radio Right now the link shows out of stock but we can get one for you.

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