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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by kryptonite, Nov 20, 2014.

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    15 years ago today, General Manager Tom Chiusano started off the show:

    ''Ladies and Gentlemen I think you all know me, this is Tom Chiusano and I unfortunately have to read you the following announcement. Due to the recent actions by the United States Government and the Federal Communications Commission, the Howard Stern Show is no longer on our air. Neither Infinity Broadcasting or our parent company is willing to continue to put our licenses or our stock holders trust in jeopardy. Viacom can no longer bear the weight of the Government pressure and it's affects on our corporation. Please continue to listen to the station and other affiliates as we appreciate your loyalty and understand your needs. While we're sorry to end the Howard Stern Show, we promise quality programming in the future. Thank you.''
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    It would be fun to listen to Howard interview a porn star on the modern show.

    "So what made you get into porn?"
    "How did you break the news to your parents?"

    A question or two about money not being what it used to be due to the pree-vay-lence (Sal) of free porn online.
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    Just when you thought DawgShed was a mess of haters...

    With that said...Howard *had* to evolve. As I've said before, how many people hate the evolution, but would cringe at another 27 y/o lesbian on the RoboSpanker. Do they not forget they were cringing at Eric from Hoboken asking yet another sex question or saying how hot Miss Howard TV was?

    Artie was too much of a mess and literally killing himself. Sure, he had comedic moments, but would any employer want someone with his negatives?

    There's a reason why Artie hasn't really resurfaced (other than his brief DirecTV thing.)

    There's a comment there about how Howard forced people into lifetime subscriptions, then pulled a "bait and switch" when he started a reduced schedule.
    1) At $300, a lifetime subscription would have paid for itself partway into 2008.
    2) I never felt I had to buy lifetime. (In 2005, I couldn't have afforded it and I went through so many radios before 2008, it would have been a waste.)

    There's a comment there about Bachelor/AGT comments. Other than a brief/rare comment now and again, how old is that comment at that site? That era of the show is ancient history.
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    I'm sure I've said this before, but I can totally relate to Howard when he says he hates parades. There's a place where I live and I go down there a few times a month to help out and volunteer and all that.

    The problem is that a lot of parades, races, fun runs, 5Ks and whatnot are in that area on weekend mornings. The first one is maybe in April and the last is October or November. Travel is difficult and lots of times I need to go way out of my way. Sometimes, I'm almost there and I need to completely backtrack.

    Anyway, I was recently able to change my day from Saturdays to Fridays...AND I LOVE IT. :)

    I say this with peace and love...NO MORE RACES, FAMILY FUN RUNS OR 5Ks. Peace and love, peace and love! Travel is too difficult!
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    Listened to most of the Anderson Cooper interview which was interesting because Cooper shared some of his family life. Howard assumed that loud, commanding interviewee voice that he uses like a defensive force field. Again he talked about how therapy has saved his life. If so, why is it still so traumatic for him to take a trip to scary Europe? To go in a public toilet? To eat food? To shake hands? Why the obsessions with jealousy and money? Why must he still show women who rejected him how great he is today? Why he is still incapable of hanging out somewhere for more than two hours? It was not that long ago that he stated that his French bulldog (what's its name) "taught me how to love" as opposed to his wife and his three daughters... I am sure my follow posters have many more of his uncured manias. He says he has evolved... so he has stopped saying fag and doing homo bits....I thinks that was forced on him by the times and by the like so George Takei. He no longer talks about dropping the big one on nations with terrorist (Muslims) and he is no longer baying for the death penalty. I am speculating that is due to daughters' influence. He is still emasculating his staff on a daily basis. So what exactly has this therapist done for him?
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    He's got issues, like Howie Mandel does. I don't think therapy will fix that, but it can make certain things more livable.

    I get enraged when he acts like he was "taught about love " from his dog, or current wife. F that. What about his 1st wife? What about his own kids, for god's sake. It's like when Tom Cruise was jumping on Oprah's couch, because he was so excited about Katie Holmes, who was his 3rd wife.

    But honestly, the real Howard does not (and did not) use the terms fag or homo. He used it for his on-air persona, and now realizes that it's not cool, even when he's acting.

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