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Discussion in 'Gadget Corner' started by Casual Fan, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Casual Fan

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    Okay, the joystick on my original Xbox (the great big one, "the Duke") has crapped out. Sam Fisher won't stop running in Splinter Cell. Aryan Race Casual Fan (my blonde son) is bummed. So I figure that at Christmas, it's probably time for a new game box, since it's been like 10 years since I've bought one.

    What do I get? Xbox One? PS...4? Is it up to 4? What do you recommend?
  2. HecticArt

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    My last console was an Atari 2600......
  3. Casual Fan

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    All of you are useless.
  4. JHDK

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    its weird for me to say this cause ive never been a playstation guy but id go with the ps4. its def. the most popular of all the new systems. the xbox1 did have a pretty cool feature with the kinect built in but they have not done anything worth while with it and they even went so far as to start selling the system without it to lower the price cause they were getting beat by ps4. really both new systems only have a few games that truly show how much better they are then their last generation but id go with ps4. also ps4 has this program where u can sign up for a pretty low mothly payment and each month they will make old games available to play unlimited. im sure there are a bunch of ps3 and older games u may have missed that were worth checking out so that alone makes it worth thinking about.

    then again, the under powered wii u has all the best franchises (besides first person shooters) and is the cheapest. plus u can never go too wrong with nintendo, u always know there is a mario or zelda around the corner that will make it all better.
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  6. hyson

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    Who needs video games when you have this forum?

    Sign lil Aryan up here.
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  7. Evil_Ernie

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    The best bet is to go to either Best Buy or GameStop in your area and play around with both of them.

    I got a PS4 on launch day last year and love it. I may also get an Xbox One later this year, but not sure just yet.

    You might want to check to see if there's a local buy/sell/trade game store in your area that caters to older video games to see if they have the original Xbox controller. I see that there's a place called Tech Exchange in your area...wouldn't hurt to check.
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  8. Wolf

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    I been an Nintendo fan for years and then jumped over to become a PlayStation user. I haven't bought either console yet, I was leaning towards the PS4, but I may go for a Xbox One instead. But I would suggest what Evil said, go either to Best Buy or GameStop and check out either console and get a feel of them.

    I still have my original PS3, which has the backwards compatibility to play PS1 and 2 games. I may buy the old Nintendo consoles, but found out you can play the old classic consoles on the Wii U.
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  9. Casual Fan

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    Original Xbox games that aren't scratched to hell are getting hard to find, too. Even ours are pretty rough and about half don't work. I have doubts about the machine itself, too.
  10. HecticArt

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    What does the kid want?
  11. Casual Fan

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    Well, his friends have Xbox 360s, only because they've been around forever and the Xbox One is new, so he's leaning 360. I'm leaning toward not buying 10-year-old consoles, which puts me in the Xbox One camp. I'm an Xbox guy. I know and like the controller. I generally like Microsoft.
  12. Wolf

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    So sounds like you're aiming for the PS4, j/k :p
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  15. Casual Fan

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    I got the $129 4 gb Xbox 360 with a free game (Plants vs. Zombies) from the MS store. I don't plan to download any content or install games, so the 4 gb is fine. It's just for Aryan Race Casual Fan to play some games. I also got him Minecraft. He's been playing the pocket edition on his Nook for a long time.

    I'll probably pick up the Halo and Splinter Cell titles for the 360 at some point, and get myself a new controller for my original Xbox.

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