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    If anyone in the Midwest states has been smelling smoke or your skies been hazy, it because Arizona has a very bad wildfire going on. It called the Wallow wildfire and it the 3rd largest wildfire in state hirstory. So far the blaze has blackened nearly 234,000 acres or 364 square miles of forest land since erupting on May 29, according to state fire authorities and over 2,300 fire fighters have been battling the massive blaze.

    Smoke From Wallow Fire Travels 1,000 Miles - State News Story - KPHO Phoenix

    Smoke from the Arizona wildfire has spread as far away as 1,000 miles from the blaze.

    Kyle Fredin, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Denver, said Monday that a ridge of high pressure was carrying the smoke as far away as central Iowa.

    He said the smoke was also hitting eastern Colorado -- where it obscured the view of the mountains from downtown Denver -- as well as New Mexico, Nebraska and Kansas.

    State health officials have issued a smoke health advisory through noon Tuesday.

    They said if visibility is less than five miles or the smoke becomes thick, it may have reached unhealthy levels.

    People with heart disease, respiratory illnesses and the young and elderly are encouraged to stay inside.
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    I was in Jacksonville, FL a few weeks ago and a couple days the sun was obscured by smoke from the wildfires in Southeast GA and the smoke was pretty strong smelling in the morning. Apparently it's gotten worse and now there are fire in FL too.

    Yet in the North Central and Midwest it wont stop raining. The Missourri river is flooding between Omaha and Kansas City and the Mississipi is flooding all the way to New Orleans due to the all the rain upriver (New Orleans gets the flood but not the rain!)
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    Sunrise and Sunset is BRIGHT Orange in Colorado on account of the haze from the fires. Last I heard it grew to about 180,000 acres. That's astounding! :eek:
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    just saw this on my local morning news. so its a national story. everything cool in ur area wolf? hope u and ur fam have no issues.
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    Yeah, Wolfie, you and your states fires, it's messing up my pristine Colorado air and views to our Rocky Mountains. Get hopping on getting it put out, will ya? :rofl2:

    This morning's report says it's at 192,000 acres and 0% containment. for a fire to be burning for a week and no containment, that's pretty bad.....
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    When I was in AZ near the Grand Canyon, I encountered my first wildfire.

    Freakin amazing. I had never seen anything like it before (living in PA and all). This is a necessery natural evil.
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    I think I heard about that wildfire, has that been contained yet?

    Yea it a massive wildfire, it almost entering into New Mexico. My family and I are fine, thanks for asking! Here in Phoenix we don't smell or have any of the haze because of the jet stream of the wind and plus everything is happening northeast of the city.

    Few years ago there was one big wildfire, where you can see the smoke over the mountains.

    I'll try start huffing and puffing and blow that fire out. I wish, I could help put it out but last I read there over 3,000 fire fighters around the country trying to get this blaze under control along with this airplanes pouring this red powder and water on top of the fire.

    This is usually around the time when wildfires happen, sometimes CA has the worst and there smoke haze up our skies. But I have seen a couple of wildfires in the state, when I have traveled around along I-17 going to Flagstaff and one time not far from the the Grand Canyon.
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    Buildings reported destroyed as Horseshoe 2 fire grows

    I didn't mention also, but there another bad wildfire going on in Arizona called the Horseshoe 2 fire the fire has burned 104,285 acres with 55 percent containment as of Monday night.

    I saw on my local news, NASA shows an overhead shot of Arizona with both wildfires going. The one furthest on top is the Wallow fire and down south is the Horseshoe 2 fire.


    So with both fires going, the Horseshoe 2 fire is the 4th largest fire and Wallow fire is just about to become the 2nd largest fire in Arizona state history.

    The largest was the Rodeo-Chediski fire which burned 467,000 acres back in 2002 that because both fires merged into one massive blaze.
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl4Y4FWWkn0]YouTube - ‪Michael Martin Murphey - "Wildfire"‬‏[/ame]
  10. Wolf

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    Wildfire becomes 2nd largest in Ariz. history - CBS News

    Well it official, the Wallow wildfire has becomes the 2nd largest wildfire in Arizona history. More than 311,481 acres has been consumed, which is about 486 square miles. It now threatening 7,000 residents of Eagar and Springerville who are preparing to leave town. It still looks like it 0% contained, because the winds are gusting about 40 mph.
  11. blyons200

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    Any women from the town of Eager are more that welcome to stay with me! I don't think the Honey Prairie fire in GA has been contained, sounds like it's worse than ever.
  12. Wolf

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    Here pretty much the latest on the Wallow wildfire.

    Wallow Fire: Arizona blaze set to be state's worst | Mail Online

    The Wallow Fire has burned more than 600 square miles, 408,887 acres, and is now six per cent contained.

    At least 10,000 people have been displaced and more than 30 homes have been destroyed so far. Authorities said full containment is nowhere in sight, and power lines that supply much of West Texas and Southern New Mexico with electricity are also in jeopardy.
  13. Wolf

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    I was watching my local news and more sad news, the Wallow wildfire is about to become the states largest wildfire. It only 10% contained and has burned 452,155 acres.
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    Crazy stuff.
    It's sad that the Disney picture is so beautiful.
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    A drought is always bad, but heavy late Winter and Spring rains bring a risk of huge wildfires. There were countless fires in Southern California when I was growing up.

    With the loss of vegetation, the next years rains will bring mudslides.

    It's really a vicious cycle
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    Just about every day, I'm feeling better and better about our decision to dump all our money into anchoring ourselves to New England.
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    So it's dangerous to run into a raging wildfire to save a bunny? Thank God for experts.

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