Xbox 1, total fail.

Discussion in 'Gadget Corner' started by blyons200, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. voliconjoe

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    the only thing that does is cause Nintendo's stock to temporarily fall into affordable range.

    As for "kids" based, I watch Amazon Prime on it and play more games from the 80s and 90s than anything. I'd rather play something that is from my past for a couple bucks and for a couple minutes.

    I'd say that Sony and PS are 100% kid based and Nintendo is adult based. Only children have time to deal with that nonsense.
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    Sony fires on Xbox as E3 opens By Doug Gross, mobile :)

    I don't have any, but if I decided to buy one, I'd buy a Wii :idea:
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    When I have time to play I like FPS games like Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. I'm not into Mario or Zelda. I liked them when I was a kid but not now. I'm not into Mario Cart either. I like my racing games with realistic cars.

    I watch Amazon and Netflix with my 360 all the time. We have a PS3 we use for our blu Ray player. There are a few PS3 games I like. Killzone is one of them.

    My nephew who used to be a huge Nintendo fan doesn't even want to play it anymore. As he's gotten older he wants to play more adult games too.

    As for nonsense I have no idea what you are talking about? Are you calling me a child because I play from time to time? Let me tell you this...... I'm in a wheelchair and can't do the stuff I used to be able to do so playing games from time to time is nice. I can play a snowboarding game and enjoy it. I don't play a lot but I have been playing more since I lost the ability to walk. It's fun to do things I used to do even if it's virtual. That right there is not nonsense!
  4. voliconjoe

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    Mario Kart? I'm talking 8bit man! $2-$5 to get my game on and now they have this Rayman Legands that's addictive as hell and FREE!

    Marvel Pinball that's a couple bux a table is what I call a good time. Start to finish I get my fix in 25min.
  5. voliconjoe

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    Adults shouldn't have time to play for hours.
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    The negative pub surrounding XB1 is justified. The proof will be in the pudding after launch day and sales sink like Windows 8.

    Read about the PS4 today and I like the few details on an E3 website. The 360 I bought my son last Christmas will serve our needs for the time being as the two companies climb over each other for sales.
  7. Ehilbert1

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    Adults shouldn't run their mouths and tell other people how to live their lives. Your just another guy on the net that likes to run his mouth.
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  8. blyons200

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    Then what should adults be doing? Trolling the net telling others they shouldn't play video games?:shifty:
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    Alright alright... Let's get the discussion back to the thread topic. :cool:
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    I will PULL this forum over......

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    Would you, please? I need to pee.
  12. Casual Fan

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    Never mind. I went in Koopman's bong.
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    But I want to play video games in the back seat daddy? I'm whooping Casual ass in Mortal Kombat!
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    We're out of range of the cell towers and the mobile satellite isn't working today, so you're XB1 won't work, sorry.
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    Shitty vacay plan, dad.
  16. voliconjoe

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    It's about as stupid as Comcast combining their phone service with the internet service. Modem goes down? Call Comcast....from your Sprint Cellphone.
  17. memebag

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    Um ... how else could Comcast offer phone service?
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  19. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    [ame=]Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video - YouTube[/ame]
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