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  • Hello,
    You were refered to me by an administrator from a forum. I have an sl10 that keeps cutting out on me. The signal bar does not change yet the screen displays searching for signal. I have a permanent antenna on the house and a portable, this happens with both. Laast evening I attempted a reset from the menu, and it seemed to make things worse, it cut out three times in less than five minutes! Any thoughts?
    about a year ago you had posted an issue with connecting to the internet radio with SL2. Well I recently purchased a used SL2 and I have never been able to connect via the internet radio. I have premium service, I have double check that my radio is connected to the account, I have called customer service several times and I am told they aware of the issue, but no ETA on a resolution. Does my issue have anything to do with your situtation? Any help would be appreciated.
    Jeff Gage
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