1/12/2017 Uncensored Live

Discussion in 'RadioIO' started by kryptonite, Jan 12, 2017.

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    The FM show ended with them discussing what to do about a clip on Facebook where a female teenager killed herself. They took a break about 9:45 and then were gonna come back and play it. I had to bail before the clip, so I don't know if they ended up playing it or not. It seemed like they were gonna play it.

    "Breaking it Down with Bubba and Johnny Rah-Rah" is some sort of new thing Bubba apparently wants to start up. Bubba is trying to get some sort of video up on his laptop, but he's getting the guys in the back office involved and they're failing to start it up.

    "Anything you want to watch on TV or YouTube, you can see at any time."

    This show seems to be Bubba and Johnny Rah-Ray (aka Manson) discussing clips and "breaking it on down to zero."

    Around 10:40, they played a video clip of a police officer busting a girl for having some marijuna. Both Bubba and Johnny Rah-Rah (Manson) agree that it's a huge shakedown.

    This is very reminiscent of the 2008-era Sirius shows when they would sit around and watch Tucker Carlson and the other news personalities and discuss what was going on.

    In the next clip, BTLS said it was a big whodunit because it was a homeless guy scampering across the median.

    Bubba full-hot on the situations with a homeless guy going into the woods and a latino girl with a joint and the newscaster calling these "emergencies."

    10:53 Bubba talking about "Manson err Ne...or whoever..." (whoops!) and then back to the original story of the black girl in handcuffs in Columbia, South Carolina and how the newscaster throws it back like it's some sort of breaking news.

    11:02... Bubba started to wrap it up with a plug for the regular Bubba Army YouTube page and say they'll be back with more "Bubba and Johnny Rah-Ray next week."
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  2. JHDK

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    couple questions:

    bubba army radio is what bubba is calling the new version of the old io uncensored show now right?

    what is breaking it down with btls?
  3. blueneon36

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    Answers: 1.) Yes... Bubbaarmyradio.com is the re-branding of RadioIO.
    2.) I have been listening sparsely over the past few days... I am sure its just another bit that BTLS does.

    The only things that have changed since January 1 is the addition of a Tuesday Uncensored Show with 25 Cent on top of the Thursday Uncensored show, which now features Manson.... and now Ned has his own uncensored show on Fridays from 10:15am until whenever the heck he feels like ending his show. It could last 2 minutes or 2 hours.... it all depends on him now...

    Last Friday, Ned played 2 Live Crew's "The Pussy Caper" on a loop for 2 hours while he took prank phone calls.
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    "Breaking it Down" is what Bubba named the Thursday uncensored show with him and Manson.
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    cool. thank you too!
  7. kryptonite

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    It's VERY reminiscent of the old Sirius shows from 2008 when they'd comment on what they were watching on TV (usually the cable news talking heads.)
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