1/24/17 Uncensored Willy

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    It appears I found it! This show has a lot of vulgarity/profanity/x-ratedness. As always, the writeup is my best attempt at PG-rating or less to make things appropriate for all settings.

    PM replays on Bubba Two perhaps at 11 ET...which should also mean Bubba One at 8 PM ET. The show originally aired at 10 AM ET.

    Bubba starting with a Ned bit, the AC/DC intro and asking jokingly asking where the strippers were. He has some issues with the Facebook live monitor deal. He says he's gonna get Bald Bull to help out with the feed and wants 25 to do some airchecks. 25 says he was answering the phone. Bubba has no idea what they'll be talking about because he was counting on the strippers to come in. Bubba thought he was gonna get some strippers in the shower, but 25 said that all has to go through their handlers.

    11:08. Bubba picked up on a caller and said he can get all wild on this show and go crazy. Bubba saying he rammed it right up her backdoor. Bubba saying he never did. Bubba saying that she's saying she did HIM back there and Bubba says that never happened. Bubba asked 25 if he did her back there and 25 says no way.

    Crazy High Shannon called the show back in October... and she wants 25 to get freaky with her. Bubba says "Becky Swallows" is getting all up with the anal parameters. Bubba asking if it happened once at the Motel 6. She says it happened. Bubba and 25 say that should be some sort of video series.

    Bubba saying it never happened back there on him, but he says his big turds might have counted when he had to wipe. Bubba saying he can maybe accomodate a finger back there in a wild moment. Bubba can't understand a woman getting an orgasm back there with all the pounding. He says the butt wasn't engineered to get all that pounding and trauma and all that. Bubba had to stop the talk because his dog might have pinched one off on the floor, but all is good there.

    Bubba back to Shannon/Becky... some more discussion about the backdoor and she says the last time it happened was last weekend and her butt might have been torn up, but she said the tearing didn't happen. There was "an injury" and she denies it was the obvious, but both 25 and Bubba are insistent that it tore up back there.

    Bubba saying he can't remember the last time a girl had her dildo on the phone. Becky saying she has a buttplug, but Bubba says the only sounds those make are probably disgusting. Bubba saying that maybe a finger would work.

    Bubba with the "iz" carnie talk and the girl keeps rubbing it down to zero. Bubba saying it's all fake. A big discussion about her getting it, buttplugs, etc.

    WHERE IS NED? This conversation has Ned's name written all over it. She's lubing up the buttplug with the anal gel, etc.

    Bubba with a plug for tomorrow's Mad Monkey show with an announcer that Matt Masur's show tomorrow is getting pre-empted.

    Show done about 33 minutes after it started.
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