1/31 Uncensored Willy

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    Bubba started off with the "see you at the crossroads" song. He mentioned that Beck was discovered by them and was wondering if she ever had a girl.

    He said that 25 is the executive producer of the show and it's a Mad Monkey Production. BTLS asked her if the studio was what she was thinking of. He asked Bald Bull to get "the instruments" ready for Becky Swallows to sample. He wants to bring her in about once a month to demo various tools. He said that her roommate is an Uber driver and gets to have Becky for free. She's been frozen out...Steve the driver posted something and that got Becky mad. BTLS she has something stuck up there and BTLS says it looks like a phone and he wonders why she'd stick a phone up there.

    Bubba spent time talking to Becky about how much she spent on the guys ($400 or so per guy) and a nice, clean house. $400 gets the guy a nice room and Becky Swallows.

    25 and Bubba both are watching a video and complementing the girl. Pasco, Hillsboro or Pinellas county is where the house is. 25 and BTLS are gonna check the guys to make sure they're ok and they want to hook her up with a guy roommate for some sex. 25 says her nips are huge.

    Bubba picked up the phone and says the guy also has to be willing to go on PornHub.

    Robbie is on the phone and Becky says she owns the house.

    They're all trying to figure out the logistics of how it'll all work out.

    Bubba says she got into PornHub because the Uber driver filmed it, put it up on PornHub and the next thing she knows, she's Becky Swallows. Bubba wants to have $400 a slot and two slots. With $400, you get two sex and two headers per month. Nothing off-camera. User can be anonymous.

    Bubba says that 25 should get in there as the boss of Mad Monkey. 25 says he did that a while ago as a BubbaRaw deal.

    Bubba with another caller and Bubba knows him from a promo appearance with the Cream Machine from a few weeks ago.

    Bubba screening the guy about why he wants to do it. The caller says he wants to live there only eight days a month. Everyone laughs, but Bubba says they may have to refine the deal.

    Becky Swallows wants the caller to leave a laptop or something. He says it's ok, but will it come out of the $400 or will there be another guy there in the room when he's not? Deals have to be cut.

    Bubba doesn't know why Becky puts up with the guy and recommends another guy, Buck.

    Bubba wants to do some words, get her into the shower with the dildo. Bubba got mad because they're on the air and the guys in the back are on the phone and he wants to go to break.

    Bubba has her in the shower, mic'ed up. 25 is in the shower with her, directing her.

    Bubba has an applicant on the phone and this one could be brilliant...AND IT'S TUDDLE. Tuddle says he needs a place when he comes back to work. Bubba can vouch for him, but he's a weirdo.

    Bubba and Tuddle trying to figure it out with the rent and sex and all. "Only paying to be a roommate, nothing else."

    Bubba tossed her some water to use on the dildo for some suction. 25 and her in the shower and BTLS directing from afar.

    Bald Bull editing for BubbaRaw.

    She tried several dildos and devices, including a "pink mcguillicutty" while fingering her butt.

    Bubba said it was as crazy as the SiriusXM shows.

    Bubba says "you desensitized your snizz" and played some clips of Akira talking dirty.

    Bubba says what it'd be like if that was in a hotel with the people in the next room calling down like there's a murder next door.

    Show runtime just about an hour, maybe slightly less.

    All that 2006-era insanity up on BubbaRaw.com
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    Mistake #1 found:

    Not Beck. It was either Akira or Becky. I did the whole thing on my phone. :p

    This was absolutely one of those 2006-07 era BTLS shows where the haters were complaining that it was a commercial for BubbaRaw.
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    I think Akira was mentioned at the beginning of the show... Bubba said something about discovering her and getting no credit for it.

    For those scoring at home, "Becky Swallows" used to be "Crazy High Shannon" on the FM show... but Bubba immediately changed her name to Becky Swallows permanently once he found out about the pornhub video. :)
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