1/5/17 Uncensored Replay

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    I'm guessing he was off today to work on his legal stuff. Anyway, some weird stuff was afoot. Around 11:15 PM, Cleo's Closet was on Bubba One. Bubba Two was airing an old bit with from the Brent and Spice days about Ben and Jerry and how they may have been gay. Ned kept chiming in with one-liners. Around 11:30, we got one of the Fah Que bits from the archives.

    11:35, we got a "Freedom, Terror, Mexicans" bit with George W clips. Also heard in that bit was the Evil Knievel clips and other various classic clips.

    11:39 show goes live and here's the rundown:
    11/3... A Fast-talking Show... | Digital Radio Central

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