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    I've got an optional event tonight. If I don't go, I may never hear the end of it. Luckily, it was a replay BTLS show today.

    I may just listen to some of the 10pm show or the 1 am replay and try to figure it out.

    There was also a Cleo's Closet today, so who knows when the BTLS Uncensored Show will air. 8pm? 10? 11?

    If someone else wants to link to today's previous thread, feel free.
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    The "bukkake bukkake oh bukkake" bit where that drop came from.
    The "Chelsea and Sierra Shock the Puss" song from the Super K5 Anthology box set.

    10:18...started up with Eminem's "Cleaning out my Closet" as Gallagher came into the studio. They were talking about how Nikki has the best/easiest job in radio.... getting a shower ready..

    Asking if Gallagher has ever had a threesome with two lesbians. This other guy Artie has a 22 year-old g/f but Bubba said that he didn't buy that, but the real age is more like 53.

    B. Fudd was gonna interview the other guy. Gallagher is in his underwear in the stage.

    All sorts of chaos, but it sounds like Nikki is gonna be the assistant.

    Manson is in there (Gallagher asked about him), but Ned hates Gallagher so much that he bolted out of there. Bubba asked if Gallagher was getting a boner. Gallagher denied it, but Bubba and Nikki say that he's packing.

    10:27... Gallagher has B. Fudd in the shower and Bubba is feeding him lines.

    Gallagher is in the shower and it sounds like B. Fudd is getting a butt-kicking. Bubba is asking if 25 has the GoPro ready.

    This is some good, old-school classic Bubba. Honestly, whatever Gallagher and B. Fudd are doing in there with the bottles of shampoo reminds me of Richard, Sal and 25 in the shower back at the old building.

    Tuddle was told to get the cameras out of there so that Gallagher and Fudd could shower, but he's not moving too fast as it sounds like Bubba could move faster backwards.

    10:37 ... Bubba saying the show is diversified because they have a 78-79 y/o Ned, Manson, a cool-ass black guy and Nikki as well as Fudd. Garnet (Ned's wife) paid a bunch of money for a meet and greet with Gallagher and Gallagher wasn't real cool with Garnet and that set Ned off.

    Bubba says that Cowhead is the worst radio guy in the Bay Area, but Gallagher says Drew Garabo is the worst.

    Bubba playing audio for them with a girl getting off and she's going to town.

    Bubba telling Gallagher that he doesn't have to really clean the shower all that good because the other guy will do it.

    10:41..talking about the history of the whole Hogan sex tape and how Spice distributed it around.

    Quasimodo and the other guy are still cleaning the shower 6-7 minutes later.

    Bubba goes into a bathroom somewhere and a guy wants Bubba to pee on him and Bubba couldn't get out of there fast enough.

    10:48...The other guy is at CBGB's and they're trying to get Johnny Rotten on stage and Johnny has a needle hanging out of his arm. He saw The Ramones and Spin Doctors there for $5 each.

    Bubba said that Jabberjaw was 25's fiance when asked who Jabberjaw was.

    Bubba wants to see Charlie Sheen and Gallagher together.

    Gallagher says the TrumpWall should be four walls like a prison so they go over the wall and into the prison....that's one of the jokes he's working on.

    11:00 Gallagher says that he parks in the disability-accessible parking spots and Jabs says she parks in the spots for pregnant women.

    Random stuff with Gallagher... I had to duck out and missed the end of the show.
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    I think this show was from April... I did some VERY amateur sleuthing.

    Now listening on Bubba Two. I'll try to keep the times somewhat remotely close to if I was listening via the 10 PM Bubba One airing.

    11:04... Talking about how Robin Williams died. Bubba thought he was losing his mind.

    Not too many comedians wear all black and stand in front of a black curtain so it looks like their hands and face are floating. Bubba saying that Eddie Murphy in his prime was very funny. Gallagher saying that five or six black people ever showed up to his show...and that somewhere in the Caribbean.

    Talking about what makes a good comedian and you can't go out right away and start cussing. Gallagher says that Ellen is a good comedian and she's all about the fun and games with the audience.

    Bubba saying that in order to be a good radio host, you have to take the calls. Bubba says no callers the next time Gallagher is on, unless they're pre-screened. Bubba feeds off the haters...Gallagher couldn't do that.

    Gallagher says that Bubba signed a contract and he's on there for a long time. Bubba disagrees with that, even though he built the studio himself.

    11:10 -- Bubba says that if you want to take a guy to court here, you should either win with a slam-dunk case or pay the fees. Bubba doesn't like the way it can be dragged out with all the appeals.

    Gallagher ranting against Halloween and the whole "taking candy from strangers" deal which everyone rails against.

    Plugs for GallagherSmash.com and Bubba wants Gallagher to get the footage so he can do whatever he wants with it as a way of saying thanks.

    11:18...talking about Gallagher's various marijuana arrests. BTLS says that Gallagher is the most famous dude to ever be arrested in Tampa.

    11:22...He tried out for the Tonight Show the same night that George Miller and Steve Martin were on there trying out for it. Gallagher went to school for chemistry. Gallagher says the real cancer risk from cell phones is the molecules in the user's head off the battery. Talk about how Breaking Bad and meth and the process of how that all happens. Gallagher would have to look at that up.

    Gallagher wants to turn a female restroom into a place with lounge chairs and all that where they can do makeup.

    Bubba asked the last time he was at a gentlemen's club and it was about two months prior in Vegas.

    Gallagher is working on high heels that fold under/in like regular shoes. 25 says those are like Sketchers with the skates in them.

    11:28 ... Gallagher is 69 years old and Bubba says he's spry for his age.

    11:31... Bubba says that it was great they had a calm Gallagher in with lots of stories, but they missed one, but thanks for the interview time and it all worked out with them on the radio. Nikki says C+ and 25(?) says B- rating.

    Closing it up with some final thoughts and a plug for the show at RockHouse. Nikki said she thought she was gonna go. Bubba asked for the comp tickets for Nikki and Gallagher and the other guy Artie said the free tickets are happening. Bubba said he'd pay double and buy two t-shirts because everyone would complain she'd get in free.

    Bubba says all the footage they got is second to none. Bubba wants to do shrooms with Gallagher and that Ned has it all wrong with Gallagher and that Ned is the problem with Gallagher. Nikki wants to put herself in a Gallagher vortex.

    Gallagher says that he's a frisbee religion person (like George Carlin).. another plug for the site gallaghersmash.com and some final wrapup and they're done around 11:36.

    Ned phone call for an electro-handjob device.
    Ned calling about a Hitler doll.
    Spice and Manson play a "It's a Racing Deal" bit of a game show parody where all the questions are about racing.
    Donald Trump sex line bit about listening to stories where Trump grabs women.
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